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Let's talk! ?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by darkwispr, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. darkwispr

    darkwispr Newbie
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    Thread about: TALK application (bloatware)
    I didn't post this in adroid application forum because I didn't want to, felt like a stranger :(

    Hey admire buddies, I've seen this app called (bloat) Talk in my phone and well I think nobody uses it, and well since my friends are not exactly friends at all (dang beaches at school -_-) I've decided to open a thread to chat with a bunch of unknown people and well talk about our problems and help each other (and bla bla... stuff)

    If you are up for this, message and/or post your email(I think) and ill edit my post(optional, if you want) and you will be added by me and the people who participate.

    IF YOU Talk WITH PEOPLE, Please do so with responsibility and well educated stuff. Who likes being spammed with insults and racist commentaries?

    I suggest not giving ANY personal information, but that's up to you. I like only giving a Letter related to my name(s) which is D.

    My talk email: WpriestD@gmail.com

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