Root [MetroPCS/CDMA] faux kernal problems


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im trying to flash the faux kernel with cm10.1 and it will just not boot up... my phone is pluged in to the computer so after i flash cm10 and the kernel it gives me a black screen but with the charging notification light. i can restore a backup but i reallly want to flash this kernal with this rom. does the kernel even support cm10.1 or just 10


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those are the only roms for the phone anyway i dont see how i could "pick the wrong rom", anyways im just not going to flash the kernel i guess my phone doesnt like it.

If you are using the wrong cm, it won't work. As shabby already said. Make sure you are using the correct rom. Cm has 2 different versions, one works, the other doesn't. Faux works with all roms that shabby posted.

Edit - you are using the wrong cm I guess but you are mentioning both throughout this thread. Please post your Rom, so we can see and remember to read thoroughly before flashing something