Aug 7, 2012
can anyone explain to me why my motorola defy will not ring, phone or ringtone? I have gone through everything I can find about this and I can't find any kind of answer. I can hit the ringer control on the side of it and it shows the ringer is all the way up, I have gone in the settings and set the volume on ring and notifications all the way up, yet when I get a text or a call, it vibrates a little and that is it.
Does this have something to do with this stupid "ring mode"? I have tried all of them, I have no idea what ring mode is and why it is installed, I have always managed my ringer just fine and now they think I need an app to control the ringer when I don't want it?
I am just frustrated and am ready to see how tough this phone is by starting throwing it and it might end up using it for target practice.
I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks
Is it set to silent from the actual ringtone list? Did you try changing the ringtone? Or are you using a custom tone that the phone won't play (I had a few of these)?

You can also change notification tones in messaging, calendar, gmail or other app that wants to notify you.
you hit the volume and it is turned all the way up, go in to settings and check the volume, max. plays the ringtone, max. Now here is what I have noticed, it works fine during the day, but when I get home all it does is vibrate. about fed up with it.
You don't have any "quiet hours" enabled in the settings, or profiles activated with quite hours?