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Move restored sms from sd card to phone memory

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by HTC-Superhero, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. HTC-Superhero

    Thread Starter

    Dear all,

    I have 10.000+ text messages (sms) om my old phone that I would like to get into my gmail account using the SMS Backup app.

    So far I have managed - with superb assistance from Boni2K - to get them exported from the old software i had them in (MyPhoneExplorer) as an xml-file that the SMS Backup and Restore app can read.

    Problem now is that the SMS Backup and Restore will restore them to the SD-card (it is indicated with a small SD-icon next to the restored messages), and the SMS Backup app only backs up messages from phone memory to GMail.

    So my questions are:

    • Can I move the restored messages from the SD card memory to the Phone memory?

    • Is there another software that will either:

    1. Import an xml-file of text messages directly to the phone memory or
    2. Backup text messages form SD memory to GMail
    All help is appreciated - even links to articles/posts/threads about the HTC Hero storage/memory system, as it is a complete riddle to me how I access or move stuff around between sim, phone and sd memory.



    ps: please note that SMS Backup (syncs to gmail) and SMS Backup and Restore (can restore from xml file) are two different apps ;)


  2. gray916

    gray916 Lurker


    After searching through the forums, I came across this excellent guide. I have managed to transfer all my received text messages from my old Elm to my new Neo, however, I am unable to transfer my sent texts from my Elm to my Neo.

    They do not seem to carry the time and date when they were sent over, so when they appear in the conversation, they are all jumbled up. Does anyone have any work around for this?

    Kind Regards


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