Help Music App?

Just got my Verizon Samsung Facinate yesterday.

What do you guys use for a music app on this thing?


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I keep hearing about Froyo, and not sure what it is.
Just got the phone yesterday, how would I kjnow if Froyo is installed? Do we do this manually?



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Froyo is the Android Operating System 2.2 version, it is not yet out officially, so yours will be on the Eclair, or 2.1, version of the operating system.

If you're game you can find out all about how to upgrade to 2.2 at in their Galaxy S forum, but since you just got the phone you may want to hold off for a bit!


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I have been trialling the winamp player. I like it so far.

I can't seem to find an option to remote control the pc winamp, that would have been cool, even a continue playlist on phone feature?
I know there are third party apps to allow you to control the pc winamp but they require their own server.