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Music Issues after update to 4.3

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by human hybrid, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. human hybrid

    human hybrid Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So I have a Galaxy S3 and I use the app Rocket Player to listen to music at my desk through headphones (I do glorified data entry). Prior to the update I would set my phone to vibrate my notifications and music would be set at a different level. No problems.

    Since the update my phone refuses to play music if my phone is on vibrate. I have attempted using the default music player and going into the sound settings and looking for a toggle. Is there a workaround for this, a different app that would work around this?

    Thanks in advance.:)

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  2. human hybrid

    human hybrid Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yeah that isnt really the issue I'm having.

    Up until I updated to 4.3 I could set my phone on vibrate and listen to music through headphones. After the 4.3 OTA (Sprint) if my phone is set to vibrate all other sound controls gray out and cant be changed. I can turn the volume back up and they come back just fine (restarting not required like that thread). I want to know if its possible to still have all my calls and notifiers to vibrate but listen to music through my headphones. I don't understand why the feature would have been removed by an update.
  3. more2read

    more2read Well-Known Member

    Maybe Global "silent" mode?
    Sound like a bug.

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