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My predicament...

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by JustJosh4, May 30, 2010.

  1. JustJosh4

    JustJosh4 Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm on Verizon and have never owned a smart phone. I finally got the go ahead from the rents to buy and pay for one and want the good people of AndroidForum's advice.

    I have the choice of using my mom's upgrade now and buying myself a brand new Incredible, or buying a used Eris and waiting a year until my upgrade comes next May or so. I'm torn between getting the latest and greatest now, or having something to get me by until my upgrade comes around and then getting the latest and greatest then.

    What would you do?

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  2. Mskgreenel

    Mskgreenel Android Enthusiast

    I would get the Incredible. The Eris is already at it's EOL (end of life cycle). I had an Eris for about 2 months and I personally was really not impressed and not completely happy with it and I came from a BB Storm. I personally wouldn't be able to deal with the Eris for a year. There are alot of ppl who do love the Eris. I can see myself with the Incredible for a year. Not 2 yrs though b/c something better will be looming on the horizon.
    If your a nerd like me, your always going to be chasing the latest & greatest...
  3. applejosh

    applejosh Newbie

    Given these conditions, I'd also go for the Incredible. It's a nice phone from the little time I've been able to tinker with it (at work, client has a couple). Plus as Mskgreenel stated, the Eris is a bit long in the tooth. In technology there will always be something newer and better. There's no way around it. Best you can do is when you get something that is not so far behind the curve. But that's my opinion. Everyone has different needs/wants.
  4. lyons238

    lyons238 Android Enthusiast

    id say go with the incredible or even the droid. the droid is a good phone, much better than the eris. and **** the chasing the latest and greatest game. get the best phone you can afford and that suits your needs at the time of ur upgrade, or in this case your moms upgrade.

    the eris seems to be ok but its a bit slow and outdated
  5. JustJosh4

    JustJosh4 Member
    Thread Starter

    Alright thanks for your input everyone. I'm probably going to go for an Incredible and try and use the early upgrade promotion that VZW is running right now.
  6. lyons238

    lyons238 Android Enthusiast

    let us know what you chose.
  7. Dude I'm in the same situation you are and I decided on the Incredible. I've had to wait three weeks but it finally comes on Sat. It is bar none the best phone on Verizon right now in my opinion and according to my research. Who knows what Moto is gonna do in June/July though....
  8. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Android Expert

    Get an Incredible. Sell it next year, get the successor next year.

    That its how you hustle

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