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My review on the Alcatel onetouch Fierce

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ohmannuel, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. ohmannuel

    ohmannuel Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So when I was looking at this phone I almost passed b/c of the reviews on websites like Cnet. When I came here and found realistic reviews I decided to buy the Fierce. Here is the review I posted on Cnet. Let me know what you think and I hope I can give someone else a less biased review.


    Price ($100)
    Overall feel.
    Good weight.
    Large screen.
    Plenty of accessories.
    Clean look.

    JB 4.2.2
    Call quality.
    4G speed.
    Loud speaker.
    Battery life.
    Easy to Root.

    Camera protrudes (easier to damage).
    Back facing speaker.
    Tiny front facing camera (0.3mp)
    Standard glass screen.
    Non removable battery.
    Mediatech cpu.

    Lack of development.
    Camera's lack of autofocus.

    So after looking up all the review I could not sit well with the opinions. I knew that with it's given ability the phone should perform better than the results. After buying the phone and putting it through its paces here is my review. This review is taking into account that I was shopping for a phone for Metro PCS.

    Details of the Pros.
    I paid $100 for this phone at a Merto PCS retailer. It came with a free hard/soft case. Most of the physical Pros are up to opinion. I think that the phone looks good but that does not mean you will. If feels solid in my hands but your hands might be different, and so on. One physical Pro that transcends is the amount of aftermarket accessories. At 4.5 inches, the screen is larger than any other phone in the $60-170 range. Only the Galaxies are larger ($400-500), and the $200 LG F6 has the same screen.
    Now for the Cons. They really dropped the ball by not going with gorilla glass. Even though I am careful with my phone it would have been nice to have the added protection even at a $20 more. Now for the battery. In all my use the batter works great but a lot of reviewers make a big deal about the non removable battery. Iphones, HTC, and Motorola all have phones without a removable battery. So to me it's not a con, but I added it just based on the fact that I would have preferred it having a removable one. The Mediatech cpu is not the strongest and is definitely not taking advantage of Dual-core processor.

    Details on performance:
    If this is your first android phone you will love it. If this is an upgrade you are going to be happy. If you came from a better phone this will do until you save another $500. I could tell you about the call quality being good, the text being easy to use and the good options for the keyboard, but really I want to talk about the camera. The camera is the single biggest CON on this phone. Or should I say the fact that it does not have an auto focus is the problem. There are hundreds of camera apps out there that can fix this minor problem. I choose "Camera FV-5" it has worked great for me. There are some real problems though in my opinion. The Alcatel one touch Fierce is not looking like it is going to get a lot of development. Meaning it will not be updating to the newest android updates or very many manufacture updates. The phone is easily rooted for those who like to do that. But it has a locked bootloader which makes it harder to find recoveries and custom roms. You can however use a custom loader to customize your phone to your hearts desire and given the inner workings of this phone it handles demanding themes well.

    Round up:
    They really could have added a little more to get a lot more out of it. A lot of the critics forget that this is an android phone and almost everything about how it works is changeable. The photos are not bad what so ever. In fact they are quite good. And again, if the original photo is not perfect, there's an app for that. Even if I was using the best camera I would still edit them before sharing. The actual phone part of the Alcatel one touch Fierce is great, call quality is awesome and texting is easy and fully customizable. This phone is quite capable and is as much as $100 less than the realistic Metro competition.

  2. timmyh318

    timmyh318 Android Enthusiast

    Pretty point on review. The one thing i would say or correct is no app out there can add auto focus to the camera. It is a hardware thing not a software thing. The camera has fixed focus and no app can change that to auto focus. Also the chipset is the mediatek mt 6589m which is a quad core processor not a dual core. Its a quad core ARM Cortex A-7 processor. Its not awful but not great. You find it in alot of budget quad core phones such as the blu life series. The powerVR SGX544 gpu isnt bad on it either. Yes its slower than the qualcom processors but there also less tha half the cost and benchmark out not that much lower than some of the qualcom units. So you are right on point in saying for 100 bucks its a decent device.
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  3. ohmannuel

    ohmannuel Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I caught a the quad core mistake right away but I'm not allowed to edit on the Cnet site. Thanks for the corrections and info. I don't know as much as most here, but I really really didn't like that they would consider "a better choice" a phone that cost %55 more.
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  4. RoccoSocco

    RoccoSocco Newbie

    How does this compare to the ZTE Avid? I was more or less satisfied with the Avid,but I smashed the screen and am looking to replace it if the price is right.

    I see Metro is offering the phone for $49 out the door and $29 after mail in rebate. Makes me want to jump on it, but not if it is much below the ZTE Avid.

    Camera issues don't really bother me at all....

  5. codyedmonson

    codyedmonson Android Enthusiast

    I actually switched from the avid to this phone. Its a semi upgrade if your coming from the ported version of cm10 ROM on the avid. I was looking to buy the LG F6 but tge thing that pushed me from that phone was the storage and the thing that really got me for this phone was the 4.2.2 and storage, idk why but that's the one thing that got me. Overall the phone is great for the price. You'll be lucky to find one at metro stores though, the ones in fort worth Texas were sold out and the day they got them in they were gone in an hour, luckily I had the lady set one aside for me. Anyway I would jump on this deal in a heartbeat before its too late.
  6. Mikito1976

    Mikito1976 Android Enthusiast

    Go for it! I got this phone while I'm still waiting for my Nexus 5 refund and I paid $100 for it, the Alcatel, that is, and I'm very happy and please, specially for the price that I paid compared with my previous phones which includes the LG Optimus M-$100, LG Esteem-$350, LG Spirit-$270, and briefly the Nexus 5 which I'm still waiting for my $400 refund because the phone came with dead pixels. So far the Alcatel has been a great phone for me, again, just comparing the price and specs with other phones its almost a steal. Now I'm not here comparing this phone with the Nexus 5, the S4, etc, etc... Just been honest... But again everyone has their own opinion and mine is GO for IT! Specially with the new price tag and discount. :thumbup:
  7. RoccoSocco

    RoccoSocco Newbie

    Well, I wound up ordering one. Worst case scenario, I don't like it and give it to my wife. Best case, I do like it and buy my wife one. ;)
  8. Muilisx

    Muilisx Android Expert

    I had one for about 12 hours before I decided to return it. Decent phone for someone who is just learning the world of smartphones, someone like my mom who only uses bar phones, but other than that, if you're more into a good phone. Skip this one.
  9. codyedmonson

    codyedmonson Android Enthusiast

    This is actually a good phone for anyone who can't afford a high end phone, if you had the money to skip this one then why didnt you? Its a mid-range smartphone with a lot of potential, if we could get the bootloader unlocked we could go a long way with this phone.
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  10. RoccoSocco

    RoccoSocco Newbie

    Got my Fierce today. Been playing with it for an hour or so. I really like it for the $50. The camera isn't as bad as I was expecting, but I didn't try any close shots.

    The display is super clear and hd videos on youtube look great.

    So far so good, I'll hold out on a final opinion until I put it through the paces of normal use for a few days.
  11. Yes, I was really nervous about this phone because of the reviews online. I have to say I'm really happy with my decision though. A lot of problems that were mentioned in various reviews haven't shown up for me. No blue tint on the screen, it's clear and sharp, not blurry, and it's much more responsive than the 1.5 dual core I used to have. The camera isn't the best, but it's far from a deal breaker.

    If only we could get some dev love ...
  12. codyedmonson

    codyedmonson Android Enthusiast

    That's about how I feel about this phone, I really hope someone figures out how to unlock the bootloader. I would look up how to do it and test it all but I honestly can't afford to buy another phone.
  13. tyler clifton

    tyler clifton Newbie

    zte avid was great for me the only thing is it soft bricked once and it was a bigger pain to fix but it was highly adjustable to roms and modifications

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