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My routine for my morning Appointment!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Edricflo, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Edricflo

    Edricflo Member
    Thread Starter

    Tomorrow morning, I have my Best Buy appointment at 8AM. I will sleep fully clothed with my shoes on, keys and wallet in my pockets. Set my alarm for 7AM be on the road by 7:05AM then get to BB by 7:30AM and wait for my long awaited friend. Hoping to be out by 9:00AM and have myself some Mickey D's B Fast and ask my Evo if it wants something as well. (maybe a kid's meal?) Drive home will a filled stomach and relax on my couch and having fun with my Evo for hours until the Sun goes down. Then, tuck it into bed and go to bed...Happy and awaiting every morning that I get to wake up with my Evo :p

  2. sh4o8kid

    sh4o8kid Well-Known Member

    I don't know if i'm just hungry right now but the only thing that interested me was that breakfast of yours :p:p
  3. stedfunk

    stedfunk Lurker

    The EVO will be mad if you feed it nothing but a measly kid's meal, it wants a super sized big mac meal.
  4. DarkNeo

    DarkNeo Android Enthusiast

    What will you name your EVO? because you know you're not cool until you give an inanimate electronic device a name...:rolleyes:
  5. Ashenor

    Ashenor Well-Known Member

    I turned down a 7:30am appointment for a 1 pm. I have to work for a few hours in the morning then will be back around noon. My friend is using the 2nd line upgrade for me to get the evo, so he is meeting me at 1, then i am going to buy him some Buffalo Wild wings. While there i will switch his 2nd line back to his instinct and add the evo to my line while eatting some boneless wings with Parm Garlic and honey bbq.
  6. clambert1273

    clambert1273 Android Enthusiast

    me.. get up at 5am - shower, coffee, smoke
    get kids up at 5:45 - shower, breakfast, dressed etc..

    me .. out the door at 6:30am - GO TO WORK :(
    leave work at 9:30am go to best buy and look pitiful before my 10:30appt..
    then.. back to work :(
  7. DarkNeo

    DarkNeo Android Enthusiast

    What beverage are you planning to wash those delicious wings down with?
  8. Caloy

    Caloy Android Expert

    I started my routine about an hour ago. I unpacked my Seidio extended battery and multi-function charger as well as My Sennheiser MM200 BT headset and started charging them.

    I've set my alarm clock to start playing the radio at 5:30AM (low volume), then hit the alarm at 6:00AM, Also set my PC to play a song at 6:00AM with speakers on high. Then set my phone to alarm at 6:00AM. Hopefully I'll be fully awake after turning off all 3 devices. :D

    Will be taking a bath in about 15 minutes, but I'll be in more comfortable clothes. I know I have enough time to change to my clothes when I wake-up. At around 6:30, I'll go to the IHOP to eat breakfast, which is about half a block away from Best Buy. After breakfast, I'm going to Best Buy and wait for my turn to get the Evo. With a fully charged battery in hand, I'll be able to play with the phone as soon as I open the box and port over my number. :D
  9. Fubie

    Fubie Well-Known Member

    LOL, light weights.

    4:45 A.M. - Get up and have breakfast with extended family that lives "near" where I work.

    5:30 A.M. - Leave Ironton, MO and drive 115 miles back North to the Best Buy near my work (Edwardsville, IL)

    7:00 A.M. - 7:30 A.M. - Arrive at Panera Bread Co. in Edwardsville for breakfast and to hold up for my appointment time.
    (Time variable since traffic into St. Louis can be a bitch in the A.M.)

    10:00 A.M. - Go see if it's a mad house at the Best Buy and wait around.

    11:30 A.M. - Get my damn phone, cutting the 30 minute appointment down as much as possible.

    11:45 A.M. - 12:00 P.M. - Get in my van and drive 240 miles home for the weekend and to play with my phone.

    Phew. :)
    Caloy likes this.
  10. polkadots

    polkadots Android Enthusiast

    Some of you need to get some action.
    tmaxey1 and Mateo like this.
  11. asillmon

    asillmon Newbie

    I think we have a winner!!!!!!
  12. Ky1e.YC

    Ky1e.YC Member

    cant beat you, you are the ONE
  13. Ashenor

    Ashenor Well-Known Member

    Probably have to play it safe since i have to stop by the office after and just diet coke =/.
  14. RaiseUp151z

    RaiseUp151z Well-Known Member

    Sucks for all of you that got appointments...
    at my RS we can come when we want & they are opening at 6 am plus we get $20 acc credit + 15% off + I have incomplete application waiting with credit checked awaiting plan info & phone activation.
  15. RaiseUp151z

    RaiseUp151z Well-Known Member

    time & location please???
  16. Dutch54

    Dutch54 Well-Known Member

    Only one cig in all that time?? I salute you, young lady..such discipline.

    Send wife off to work, drive to BB, get Evo, drive home, take video of my present Razor phone burning fiercely screaming for mercy, wash car, take pictures of washed car, take pictures of water flowing down the driveway, etc, etc..
  17. Edricflo

    Edricflo Member
    Thread Starter

    At least by the end of the day tomorrow, we will all be Evo owners!
  18. Edricflo

    Edricflo Member
    Thread Starter

    Some Evo action? All I mentioned was going to bed, I didn't mention after hours :p
  19. Oridus

    Oridus Android Enthusiast

    4:45am - Wake - take girlfriend home

    5:15am - return home. Browse Android Forums till 7am

    7am - Go to Sprint Retailer - Stand Around

    8am - Sprint opens, Wait to get my evo

    9am - Go home. Be happy

    12noon - Girlfriend gets off of work

    1pm - With girlfriend. Trying not to spend too much time on evo. Secretly loving Evo.
  20. carmendiva

    carmendiva Android Expert

    lol you boys
  21. clambert1273

    clambert1273 Android Enthusiast

    hell no.. there will be at least half a pack before then LOL I will be antsy :D
  22. zaltol

    zaltol Member

    Now we need everyones morning routine? Go get your EVO and enjoy.
    Tomorrow we'll get 100's of threads of people saying "OMG!! I just picked up my EVO".
  23. clambert1273

    clambert1273 Android Enthusiast

    if you don't like it.. don't read it.. pretty simple... :)
    Oridus likes this.
  24. tourbound129

    tourbound129 Guest

    Get up at 5am to be at RS by about 5:30 in hopes of getting one of the 8 non-reserved phones they have available. If that doesn't work, I might come home and order online or call telesales. I have a pre-order with BB but I am second shipment so maybe I will just wait until next week.
  25. tmaxey1

    tmaxey1 Android Enthusiast

    7am- wake up and tell the flavor of the night to get her sh*t and get to stepping.

    8am- finish the rest of the weed from tonight
    9am- eat egg white breakfast (you are what you eat)
    10am- take a nap
    11am- watch some internet "videos"
    noon- go to sprint and complain about my line not being eligible for an upgrade until october

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