my transformer prime just survived a 5 foot drop


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i almost had a heart attack when my prime fell , it fell off the top shelve of the closet good thing it was docked and had a carpet floor lol.

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Why was it on the top shelf of anything!? I wouldn't want to leave my prime anywhere where there was even the slightest chance it could fall. A fall like that would scare the crap out of me!


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Yikes, glad everything is okay!
My wife dropped our Galaxy Tab 10.1 onto the wood flooring while sitting in bed, so ~3-4 feet. It completely shattered the screen. This, after owning it for about 2 months I was a tad bit angry. I feel a lot more confident with the Prime, especially since it's docked 99% of the time. (and she's also scared to use it without any sort of case ;):D)

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Wow, I'm glad nothing happened. I am surprised at how durable some of these things are, my OG Evo survived a 12 ft fall. I was sure it was dead but I picked it up and finished my call.


ive only managed to do that once, and now there's a tiny on one of the corners in the area where the metal meets the screen, it chiped away like a small square of metel. XD it's really not noticable when you look at it i only found out because i saw it fall the two feet on it's sides hitting the rug before i caught it.