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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by kathperi, Dec 31, 2012.

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    I didn't get much of a directions in my manual about some of the apps on my phone...Can anyone help?:thinking: What is tag for and why do I continually get "unknown tags" can I disable this app? Can I delete other apps like twitter, shopper, tuning fork and the duplicate calender icon on my screen without deleting important things? This android, smart phone, is making me feel like a dummy

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    Hello kathperi and welcome to Android Forums. Don't let your phone get you bewildered. With the help of these forums, we will soon get you up to speed and the master of your phone. For the best help for your phone, you will want to check out the area we have for your phone. The friendly members there will be more than happy to help you will all of your concerns. I'm leaving you a link to our phone areas. You will want to open the link and then find your phone in the list the link provides. Giving your phone link a click and you will be in the discussion area for your phone and will find a mass of information there just for the reading. If you still have questions, that is the correct place to ask them. The members there know your phone well and will enjoy helping you. Thanks for joining the AF community.
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