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Nexus 4 dialer is slow

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by amit8908768, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. amit8908768

    amit8908768 Lurker
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    My nexus 4 dialer app has become extremely slow. When an incoming call comes in, the name against that number displays after like 5 seconds. When I go into phone book and search for people, the results show up in 10-15 seconds. All other operations in the dialer are very slow as well - clicking on history takes 15 seconds for the history to show up.

    This started about 3 months ago. That time I had upgraded to the latest Android, as suggested by the phone software. I cannot be sure that the update caused the problem; it could be some hardware related issue as well.

    The number of contacts is < 1000, so it is NOT as if I am running a huge contact list.

    The software version on my phone is 4.4.4, build number KTU84P. I do not have many apps on the phone.

    The total apps number less than 30; most are well known apps such as twitter, outlook etc.

    Any pointers to what I might try? I have already tried factory reset two times.

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  2. Zain Ul Rafi

    Zain Ul Rafi Lurker

    Found a solution yet? I am on this forum for exact same reason. Plz some1 help

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