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May 24, 2010
Hello everyone!

I was wondering, as I'm really interested in purchasing a Nexus 1 phone as to me, personally, after purchasing all three successive iPhones looks like it can totally top the (possible) new iPhone coming out this Summer.

To be on the safe side, I wouldn't be purchasing this phone until about early July or so, and I wanted to figure out when the next big release will be happening from Google or any other Android superphone.

Is it possible we could see a Nexus 2 soon? I would just hate to buy the Nexus 1 (I have to buy it unlocked as I have ATT) and then realize a NEW ONE is coming out!

Also, if you have any suggestions on cheaper phones that are compatible with ATTs 3G network, they would be greatly appreciated. Only things about that is that I really think Google favors their own phone without a doubt, as they always deliver updates first and things like that, so I'd rather get the Nexus 1..
Google has already stated that they won't be selling anymore phones on their own. Not sure about exactly what that means, but I believe it means there won't be any android phones with the stock image from Google. Either the carriers or manufacturers will take the updates from Google, and then have to modify them based on how they modified android to fit their phone.

With that being said, I would hurry up and get the Nexus One before Google stops selling it...

(Now that I have said this, watch Google change their mind, create a great superphone, and sell it on their website again.)
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:D It got you, I didn't know that they said that. Maybe they just can't take the customer service issue!

Do you think though that it is worth is to spend a little over $500 just to get the Nexus 1? Is it that much better in your opinion than any other Android phone?
The Nexus One will end up around $570 after tax (wee)... I had an iPhone 3GS, and was able to sell the 3GS and use the proceeds to basically pay for the Android (done since my entire family is on AT&T so I won't be going anywhere for the time being). Therefore, I call my Nexus unofficially subsidized, and it was DEFINITELY worth the price. Now, if you are planning to root your phone, and load up whatever custom ROM's are developed there may not be as much of a reason to get the Nexus as it seems like the custom ROM community get the updates out for most of the popular android phones VERY quickly. And there are some great android platforms out there for other networks (non-AT&T).
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I am also on ATT (only company that gets consistently good service in rural New England), bought the N1, and could not be happier.

First, there are no real good android phones for ATT out there except for this one. ATT is saying they are releasing a bunch soon, but given my experience with them it might take an extremely long time for those phones to actually show up.

Second, when those phones are available, ATT will ruin them somehow. They will lock down features that should be standard and put ridiculous amounts of junk on it that you don't want. I used to have a Nokia smartphone from them that was supposed to have Ovi maps (think Nokia's google navigation) which was free, and they removed it and put on their own nav software and tried to charge me 5$/month. No thanks. Plus considering what they did to the Backflip by removing all things google on it, I'm happy I went unlocked and don't think I will ever buy a subsidized phone again.

So, in short (I suppose I could have started with this), the N1 is worth every penny to me, but if you are waiting until July you can see what comes out for ATT through them. Keep an eye on the android blogs, they will surely be letting everyone know the new great android phones that will be coming out.
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I've jailbroken I think every iPhone I've had, including the original, and boy was that a pain in the ass compared to now! I probably won't be "rooting" my Android phone, so I'll probably stick with the N1.

So you think it's worth it then. Anything you would say that is remarkably better than the iPhone? Yeah, I think it appears to be by far the most superior Android phone. It's not possible to test it out in stores is it?
Not available in stores in the US as far as I know.

Advantages over iPhone -
Fully customizable, with widgets.
Rooting is super easy (I'm a noob and had no problems, took about 15 minutes).
Constant FREE updates as long as you own the phone
Open source - you don't like something, you can change it (and if you are like me and arent a programmer, chances are someone has created an easy way for you to change it).
Growing app market with no limits means app ideas are endless
Android community is constantly growing and getting better
And so on and so forth. Just jump ship already and buy one, you won't regret it
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if google wanted to release another standard phone for the next generation of smart phone, i'm pretty sure it would. why would htc deny google a chance to develop a nexus 2 if they requested it? google's android brought htc a ton of capital.

it's more of question of how they'll sell it if they choose.
Google didn't say that they were going to stop phones with vanilla Andriod. Just that they were ditching the idea of the web store.

We may or may not see a Nexus Two - but it doesn't have anything to do with the web store.

Nexus Two or not, there will always be better phones brought to the market soon after a certain device is released.

If you like the Nexus One and it suits you're needs then I say get one. It's hardly going to be obsolete in the next few months...
If you like the Nexus One and it suits you're needs then I say get one. It's hardly going to be obsolete in the next few months...

Definitely not, with it being the only phone running Froyo :D I believe all of the other phones that are getting ready to be released (EVO, Galaxy S, etc), the manufacturers aren't going to change from 2.1 to 2.2 on it :p...and we know how fast HTC has been with updates >_>; Until the Moto Droid join us...in a couple of months, we'll have Froyo exclusively to ourselves (for those that don't root) lol.