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No Data Transfer via μ-USB Port

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Arkoprovo Ghosh, May 27, 2020.

  1. Arkoprovo Ghosh

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    Hello All,
    The micro USB port of my phone is a Motorola G4 Play (Harpia) has stopped working for a long time — no data transfer of any sort, no OTG, no ADB, no File-Transfer, nothing; only charging works. I thought it was the port to PCB soldering, so I re-soldered it. Didn't work. I changed the Charging PCB (https://www.maxbhi.com/charging-connector-flex-cable-for-moto-g4-play.html), twice. Neither worked. Now, my LCD is broken, so it is unusable beyond being a wireless hotspot or for receiving calls. I'm in a dilemma whether I should replace it (₹1000+ for spares) or give up & move to a 2G Basic Phone.
    Can anyone help me figure out why the USB data transfer is not happening in my device? I'd really love to repair it.
    Thank You.

    Note: It is not a driver issue as I use Linux & lsusb doesn't show the device. It is not a ROM issue either since the same happens in TWRP and across the ROMs I've flashed.

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