No Google Play

I am using an Huawei Ascend m860. I had this phone connected a few years back and just recently re activated it through cricket.

However the "Android Market" is still on the phone. It is also non functional. It only shows about about 10 apps and i am unable to download any of them successfully.

The phone has never updated to google play. I am nearing the end of my first month of service.

Nothing has interupted Google Talk

Firmware version. 2.1-update1


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Well. Truth is i hit the search for updates hundreds of times and nothing ever showed up. Most of these with wifi connected (Any time i am at work i am connected through wifi) so I am 100% on this. "No update available." "Your Device is up to date"

I am connected with a gmail.

I went ahead and attempted to proceed to step 3.

I downloaded the update from one of the threads here for 2.2 (Cricket version)
I attempted to do it via SD and did not work, so i proceeded to hard reset vol up, back, and power. It did a factory reset.

After getting the phone back on and reconnected google, i checked. and I am still running the same version.

However, this time when i did it through the SD it seemed to have worked. Reset again. Checked. Still same version.

Current status is this. Still has android market. However now when i open it, it promts me to agree to the terms and service, which brings up a web page that does not load. (Other web pages load fine.) is how i brought it back to stock.

Apparently according to this thread. "" There has yet to be an official release of 2.2 for the ascend.


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Try finding the Market app under manage applications and clear cache and data, and uninstall updates if that option is there. Then it might update to Play.
And you are correct, there was never an update from Cricket. Try CM6 or CM7.