"Patch" 2.2.1 Update samsung mesmerize galaxy s


May 26, 2011
I heard today that there is an update to the 2.2, to help with missed calls and missed text messages, and more. Some phones obviously have had some glitches with the 2.2 download. The service tech said it was supposed to be out last week,he said he would call me when its out!
At the present time, yes, the only way to get this is if you download it from XDA and flash it yourself.

It isn't something I would recommend doing unless you have experience doing it and/or are comfortable trying to load your own software.

It is something that can possibly brick your phone/void warranty if you do it incorrectly.
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The good news is, if the guys at XDA have a copy of the base software, the "official" release is not too far behind.

They had a copy of the 2.2 update about 4-6 weeks ahead of the official release.
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Well... I just called USCellular to ask about the 2.3 update and they said to keep checking. I then called my local US Cellular store, and they said by the end of the week! So we'll see come Friday!!!
The USCellular facebook page has just released statement the the upgrade patch to the 2.2 is now out!
Wow I was totally surprised when I got a text from uscc this morning saying there was an update. :)
Hope it works.please let me no if it works or just makes things work
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I got the update this morning and so far i have not missed a phone call or had any more problems. this was hapening a lot since froyo update,so I'm knocking on wood tis will sove the problem
Got the EE19 patch last night at the USCC store. Haven't noticed any changes yet regarding missed calls. The home page of the android market 2.12 is different. Have not noticed anything else yet.
Ever since the ee19 patch I have noticed that I almost always have 1bar of signal strength. And it tends to drop to nothing for a few seconds when I'm useing 3g.like the net.anyone else having similar problems or still having problems?
Yes I did notice my signal bars go from one to nothing! I checked my wifes phone and hers has 1-2 bars more than mine. She does not have the patch yet. We were in the hospital yesterday and I kept losing my 3g and she had no problem. I thought this was just me and all in my head! At home I use my wifi , so its not noticeable. I wonder also if any one else has this issue?
Wow glad to no I'm not the only one.mine also goes to (3g D) then back to regular 3g really weird and sometimes even to 1x and I'm in the city. Does. Urs do that also?
I'm definitely going to keep an eye on this! I live n the country surrounded by trees, but I will monitor this closely. I'll keep you posted though.
All right sounds good thanx.ill let u no if anything changes. And when I go up to c my kinds they're in the boonies and ill definitely keep an eye on it see how it works.thanx
One has to wonder if we are going forward or backward with all of this?? Around here in northeast Iowa the 3G signal strength seems so inconsistent.