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Path 2 to Gingerbread

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by apsterling, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. apsterling

    apsterling Member
    Thread Starter

    As tickerguy mentioned there may be a second path to stock Gingerbread:

    I'm opening this up to starting that. I've got the nb0 down, and as of now I'm just waiting on tickerguy to pop in with the rest.

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  2. rvarn1

    rvarn1 Well-Known Member

    ok thanks. ;) was just starting one, but gmail told me that you replied to the CM7 post, so I came here. I'll be happy to test or build this stuff, I just need to know how to build it, and I'll flash away. if I bork it, that's why we have backups. ;) (edit) also, where do i find the appropriate cherry files to do this?
  3. apsterling

    apsterling Member
    Thread Starter

    Actually, the tools seem to want a Windows environment which kind of rules me out but I'm definitely up for testing.
  4. rvarn1

    rvarn1 Well-Known Member

    um I have windows 7 home premium(cheapo laptop), point me in the right direction, ill try my best. edit
    actually, what do i need to download to start working on this? I really want to help.
  5. apsterling

    apsterling Member
    Thread Starter

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  6. rvarn1

    rvarn1 Well-Known Member

    thanks, downloading now on my superfast (212k) internet connection.... Not flashing it, but waiting on tickerguy also. Edit: holy crap! its gonna be like an hour before it downloads the Nb0 files, according to chrome download manager... gonna be a little while. edit 2 downloading the JRE and reading the wiki
  7. bigboy7525

    bigboy7525 Newbie

    I Got w7 ultimate fast net let me know what to do
  8. rvarn1

    rvarn1 Well-Known Member

    ok, all you gotta do is go to the links in apsterling's post, download appropriate software, like JRE, A688 tools, and the cherry mobile nb0 files... dont flash the cherry mobile though! just download those things... its gonna be a while on my end haha
  9. Chingling

    Chingling Android Enthusiast

    I can also help, but I need clarification. So all I would have to do for this part is to get the nb0, unpack it, and wait for tickerguy correct? I am downloading Cherry right now.
  10. bigboy7525

    bigboy7525 Newbie

    everything download it just waiting now
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  11. bigvandal

    bigvandal Well-Known Member

    Can't wait to get home to mess with this
  12. Chingling

    Chingling Android Enthusiast

    Hey I need some help. I downloaded the files and got the nb0, but when I try to unpack it it says "directory doesn't exist.
  13. rvarn1

    rvarn1 Well-Known Member

    well, I am gonna start now myself, because it just finished. I'll let you know what I fid, otherwise I can't really help, I'm fairly new to this.
  14. Chingling

    Chingling Android Enthusiast

    ya i am REALLY new to this too. i was able to run the jar file but it doesn't unpack the nb0 it does nothing
  15. tickerguy

    tickerguy Android Enthusiast

    Ok, here's the deal.

    Get the Cherry ROM.
    Unpack it. Inside there's a file containing the phrase "system.img.ext3"
    That's a FILESYSTEM. It can be mounted on a Linux machine with a "mount -o loop ...." command. It's also the ONLY file you want; it contains the entire /system area on a normal Android environment. The other files are things like the boot (kernel, etc) and the ones that screw you, the partitioning commands and the radio code.

    Ok, now you need to figure out exactly what you have to do to unpack and then pack back up a Clockwork-flashable file. It normally requires the system.img (which you have) but you need to change a few things inside. I don't know the exact sequence to do this as I use the CM7 build tools that do it for me, and I've not looked closely at exactly what they do. You're on your own with this one.

    Specifically, you need a kernel (to make the zImage from) that contains the correct drivers and you also need the library files for the radio.

    I'm not sure EXACTLY which radio files you need. I know what the base ones are but not all of them. Some of this is trial and error.

    So here's the kernel file (which will get turned into a zImage when you repack it) and both rild (goes in /system/bin) and the RIL libraries (4 files, go in /system/lib.) All are in this file:


    If you have trouble packing the "kernel" file into a zImage, grab that file out of my archive I posted the link to in the other thread.

    Remember that when you flash your cooking that (1) YOU BETTER HAVE A BACKUP OF YOUR PHONE FIRST! and (2) you need to clear the data and cache partitions on the phone or I guarantee you will crash, because neither is going to be compatible with this load as a "leftover."

    Now once you have something that flashes AND BOOTS, one of two things happens: It comes up or it doesn't.

    If it does then you either have a radio or not. If you do, it works. Congratulations - make that up into a nice downloadable file and call yourself a wizard!

    If you have no radio (quite possible) or it doesn't boot (less likely), then it's on to the next step:

    If it DOESN'T boot then you need to use "adb logcat" to see where it's dying. There are two possibilities:

    1. It's dying because something is either missing or faulting out that is detonating the primary Android VM. You'll see what it is in the logcat that's faulting it. In this case you may never see anything beyond the splash screen. Be aware that it scrolls by fast and you probably need to capture it to a file and go digging for what's blowing up. It may not be obvious. If the phone boots but the radio doesn't work you can use "adb logcat -b radio" to isolate only radio-related messages, but if it doesn't boot then you need to look at the whole thing because the kernel (if you packed it correctly back into the archive) **absolutely will** boot - it's the one that I'm using in the archive now. As such if you get absolutely nothing (you can't adb into it) odds are VERY high you screwed up as I know the kernel in that package is good and will boot.

    2. It (the radio) is dying because the RIL code won't talk to the rest of the load. In this case you'll see something about the radio in the logcat related to whatever the error is and it will refuse to come online. This is not unlikely, incidentally, given what I discovered in the framework of CM7, so don't be surprised if you wind up here. If you do, you're screwed since you don't have source to the Cherry ROM and you need it to fix it.

    If #1, find the missing bits in the file I uploaded to the other thread a couple of days ago and start "adb push"ing them. You will have to adb shell into the phone and remount the area you want to write to as writable first. You may find the magic combination and you may not, but this is the path you use to see if you can get it to work.

    If #2 odds are extremely high you're hosed.
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  16. rvarn1

    rvarn1 Well-Known Member

    thanks... hope I wan't bugging you! also, my computer failed to download everything, because my home internet crashed. tethering to my phone, so I don't wanna download a whole bunch of stuff. Hope somebody gets this working... :S
  17. tickerguy

    tickerguy Android Enthusiast

    That's ok.... I'll help where I can on this, but it isn't my primary attention for obvious reasons - I'm after the CM7 port right now, at least until I determine that it's a fruitless endeavor (and I'm NOT anywhere near there at present.)

    If you're reasonably comfortable hacking on phones, the above should be enough to get you in the game. From there, it really is a "hack on it" sort of thing - observe, try things, etc. Without source that's all you have.
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  18. Chingling

    Chingling Android Enthusiast

    I am currently working on it I have the nb0 extracted and have the ext3 file. I am now going to work on it within Ubuntu. I'll try to splice the files mentioned, but I can't guarentee that I can make a CMW flashable file
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  19. rvarn1

    rvarn1 Well-Known Member

    Hope you get it working, and a flashable zip...
    Sent from my Motorola triumph
  20. StaticMaal

    StaticMaal Android Enthusiast

    I was just wondering how came yall are using the .nbo gingerbread files instead of the Andro-id 2.3 rom files? Because yall probably already that the only problem that wrong with that is no 3g but everything else works fine.
  21. Chingling

    Chingling Android Enthusiast

    Ok so I try mounting and it gives me the error "mount: can't find /home/bigshot/Desktop/FB0-0-318B-5017-system.img.ext3 in /etc.fstab or /etc/mtab. What should I do?

    EDIT: Mounted the ext3 file with success now going on to the next step.
  22. rvarn1

    rvarn1 Well-Known Member

    Same with cherry mobile i believe...
  23. Chingling

    Chingling Android Enthusiast

    So let me get this straight. libreference-ril.so, libril.so, libril-qc-q.so. and libril-qcril-hook-oem go into system/lib correct? And libril-qc-qmi-q.so goes into system/bin?
  24. tickerguy

    tickerguy Android Enthusiast

    All .so files go in /system/lib. rild goes into /system/bin
  25. mcvanta

    mcvanta Member

    Alright i wanna try this out I downloaded everything needed to unpack nbo files but dont know where to type in the commands.

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