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General Playlists using Stock Player

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by r@nd0m, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. r@nd0m

    r@nd0m Member
    Thread Starter

    Jul 18, 2010
    Ok, I have searched high and low with no answer to this.

    I like the stock music player on the Galaxy S and want to use it but my playlists do not show up in the playlist tab. I do not want to re-create my playlists on the phone.

    I have used mixzing which is great and shows my playlists imported using salling media sync or ones added to the /playlist directory but I am happy with the stock player, but I can not find where or how it reads playlists or if it is some special format???

    I guess there is a way around it by viewing the recently added playlist and just create a playlist from there, but any help with this would be great.


  2. nickporwal

    nickporwal Well-Known Member

    May 14, 2010
    Even i searched about it bt didnt found any answer. HTC stock player can reads the .m3u palylist from "music" folder. but this doesnt works with SGS. its sad.
  3. BigHammy

    BigHammy New Member

    Aug 28, 2011
    I just got my first Android phone a few weeks ago and was also frustrated by the playlist issue. While not perfect, the work-around I found was:
    create a new play list in the native Samsung music player
    added all music to the playlist
    connected my phone to my PC
    on my PC did the following:
    found the playlist I created on the phone (for me, it was in the playlist folder)
    opened the playlist using a text editor
    created a new playlist document for each playlist I wanted
    saved each playlist with the playlist name and an extension of m3u
    copied the songs from the phone's 'master' playlist to the desired playlists
    when complete saved each playlist
    copied each playlist to the same folder on the phone where I found the 'master' playlist
    on the phone, I opened Music Player and all the playlists were now present.

    While this was not automatic, it still was fairly straight forward and easy. However, I did notice that the playlists were not recognized by double twist but I haven't bothered to figure out why.

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