Help Rezound camera not working after ICS update


I am posting this solution just in case someone else has the same issue after updating their HTC Rezound to Ice Cream Sandwich.

Yesterday I updated my Rezound android phone to the ICS 4.0.3 software. After the update my camera did not work. I could open the camera app, take one picture and then...nothing. I had to press the "home" button to get out of the camera app. I then needed to go to "apps" to "force stop" the camera. My gallery didn't work either. I could see the thumbnails but I could not enlarge or delete anything. All of the new "pictures" I took showed up as a triangle with an "!" in the middle. My downloaded camera apps from Google Play also didn't work. I called VZW this morning and talked to a couple customer support people. One of them was able to remedy the issue. You need to go into "settings"-"apps"-"all apps"-"camera"-"force stop"-then "clear data". Now my camera works even better than it did before the update. I'm so glad I didn't have to do a hard reset!

I hope this tip saves someone else the time and headache it caused me.