Root [ROM][CDMA][11/02/2011] Pre-Rooted Stock 2.2 ROM for USCC Users RC2


Android Expert
This is based on the new USCC RUU, 2.11.573.5. This is just a stock ROM which has been rooted and has the following:

- Deodexed (to allow theming)
- A2SD (512MB minimum EXT3 partition needed to work)
- Busybox
- Init.D support (for power saving mods)
- Apps ZIP alligned (Better RAM usage)
- 3 in 1 Reboot Power menu added (might not work so will need to let me know)

I've moved the normal Market apps to the /data partition and are updated to latest Market versions. These are:

- Facebook
- Adobe Reader
- MySpace
- Google Maps
- Gmail
- Adobe Flash 10.1
- Google Stret View
- YouTube

Other than that it's just a stock ROM. All the USCC apps are on there and are also moved to the /data/app partition

I won't be keeping this up-to-date (much) so bare this in mind. I live in the UK and use a GSM phone so I'm just making this to help out CDMA users which actually want Sense!

USCC RC2 (inc Radio)

CDMA RC2 (no Radio)

If you're coming from a different ROM (or from stock) you'll need to do a FULL wipe before flashing (don't do it after as you'll remove all the Market apps). If coming from another custom ROM then do a nandroid before flashing this as it might not work properly due to not testing as I don't use a CDMA handset

Remember, this is a test build and will hopefully get a bit better with your feedback

Screenshots (thanks to goz5000):