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[ROM][PORT][ALPHA] MIUIv4 ICS Port | Weekly Update: 2.6.1 | Version: 0.9.0

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Austrie, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Austrie

    Austrie Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    This ROM Is Not Being Built By Source, This Is A Port Of A Port.
    I Only Work On This On Weekends

    If You Use/Like This Rom Make Sure To Hit The 'Thanks' Button
    Read Post #3 Of Thread Before Reporting Bugs
    This is an ALPHA release so there will be many bugs NOT working

    1. Place the zip file on your SD Card, preferably in the root(not inside any folder) of SD Card

    2. Reboot your phone into ClockWorkMod Recovery V5.0 (CWM).

    ClockworkMod Recovery for Motorola Triumph
    or here:
    [GUIDE] Installing CWM and a custom ROM on the Motorola Triumph

    3. In CWM "Wipe data/factory reset"
    (Only Do Wipe Data When First Switching to MIUIv4 or When You Get Strange Bugs Without Wiping)

    5. In CWM "Install Zip From SD Card"

    6. Select "Choose Zip From SD Card"

    7. Select The ROM

    (After Installing ROM, This Is Where You May Install Gapps)
    8. In CWM "Install Zip From SD Card"

    9. Select "Choose Zip From SD Card"

    10. Select Gapps Zip

    Reboot System & Enjoy The ROM

    Note: First Boot Will Keep You At BootAnimation For 6 minutes. After You Boot Up, Reboot To Get All The Apps Working
    What Works:

    • RIL (Calls/SMS/MMS)
    • LED
    • GPS
    • WiFi
    • Data
    • Sound
    • Sensors
    • SD Card
    • Graphics
    • Bluetooth
    • Soft Keys
    • Microphone
    • Headphones
    • LockScreen
    • Signal Bars
    • Screenshots
    • USB Mounting
    • Soft Key Lighting
    • Haptic Feedback
    • Hardware Buttons
    • Fully-Functional Touchscreen
    • Most Apps Included In ROM (Little Force Closes)

    What Doesn't Work:

    • HDMI
    • Torch
    • Camera
    Everything That Is NOT Listed As Working

    If You Use/Like This Rom Make Sure To Hit The 'Thanks' Button
    Disclaimer: By downloading and flashing this ROM, you are assuming ALL RISKS that it may damage your phone, cause it to blow up, melt down, etc. NONE of the developers are responsible for anything that may happen to your phone.

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  2. Austrie

    Austrie Android Expert
    Thread Starter


  3. Austrie

    Austrie Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    How To Bug Report



  4. Austrie

    Austrie Android Expert
    Thread Starter










    Mantera [​IMG] to mantera

    Whyzor[​IMG] to Whyzor

    My Ever So Helpful Testers
    ~FrenchToast & OldManStatic~
    XploPR & Subzer0
  5. Dilwann

    Dilwann Newbie

  6. MediocreBadGuy

    MediocreBadGuy Android Enthusiast


    Downloading now :D
  7. oh man oh man oh man!!

    cant download in this state, clearly you meant to show a proof of concept rom than a daily driver. but geeze ive been wanting this so badly.

    will donate when I see a workable alpha (phone and sms and data working)

    appreciate your hard work!! this is cool
  8. MediocreBadGuy

    MediocreBadGuy Android Enthusiast

    I like to keep these in the archives ;)
  9. hotalings

    hotalings Android Enthusiast

    Wtf i wake up to this......... Fantastic austrie
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  10. Austrie

    Austrie Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    The reason I release V0.1.0 is for proof of development, more like a preview, but not a daily usage ROM though. Anybody volunteer to be my guinea pig?

    In V0.1.5, phone apk only force closes once, so you can get into the the ROM itself; but I'll keep on updating the ROM before I release another version. The main problems I want to solve are Touchscreen and Radio(The Reason Phone.apk force closes), all though I have say, MIUI-V4 is not to shabby. Since I can use the ROM now here's a updated list,

    What WORKS:
    SD Card
    Hardware Buttons
    Semi-Functional Touchscreen
    All Apps Included In ROM (Little Force Closes)
    Soft Keys(Except Home Key Doesn't Bring Up 'Recent Apps')

    What doesn't work:
    Everything That Is NOT Listed As Working
  11. hotalings

    hotalings Android Enthusiast

    Thanks austrie I'll be a piggy lol and again thank you so much for this
  12. Austrie

    Austrie Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I'll PM you V0.2.6
  13. JollyRoger87

    JollyRoger87 Android Enthusiast

    I'll be a Guinea pig even if it means bricking my phone. And I'll test to the max
  14. nitindeck

    nitindeck Newbie

    whats the kernel version
  15. Austrie

    Austrie Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Great, though I wouldn't do anything to brick your phone :p
    ~~~ I believe, the xda Ideos X6 member who ported MIUI to Ideos X6 had asked me that in PM already.
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  16. joemossjr

    joemossjr Android Enthusiast

    Yea I'll help you port things over just tell me when
  17. FroyoShark

    FroyoShark Android Enthusiast

    Me too? :D
  18. hotalings

    hotalings Android Enthusiast

    if we can get radio/3g and wifi working this is going to be my new favorite ROM EVER! ics doesnt have anything on miui lol since its miui rolled into ics lol, still its going to be awsome.
  19. AtticTRON

    AtticTRON Android Enthusiast

    Austrie you've out done yourself! This is great!
  20. Steven58


    excellent! :)
  21. joemossjr

    joemossjr Android Enthusiast

    working on getting 3g and radio working
  22. MrHateIphone

    MrHateIphone Lurker

    i would love to be a guinea pig also
  23. terrestrialfx

    terrestrialfx Newbie

    Are you still in need of guinea pigs, if so I'd like to volunteer as well. :D
  24. Austrie

    Austrie Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I've got hotalings as by tester and JollyRoger87 as my backup. Just to keep you guys updated, I've got all sensors to work, and gps works too. Touchscreen is still semi-functional till I find all the libs that are related to touchscreen. I got bluetooth to work also in a exeriment, but in that experiment I changed so many files I can't tell which of them got bluetooth working...
    @joemossjr Cool, I was going try and solve it, it seems I need to edit init.rc but I can't find the find the file or folder.
    Once I find init.rc, development will come much faster...
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  25. joemossjr

    joemossjr Android Enthusiast

    init.rc isnt in the rom at all init.local.rc it is in system/etc/ ive changed some things in the rom like the build.prob said cm 9.0.0 .0.6.3 and i changed it to Miui 4.0 and there was a gsm permission in the permissions forlder so i deleted it and added the cdma permissions from cm9 havent trid it yet but am going to to see if it worked

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