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Samsung Attain QPST DFS problems

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by namasteadept, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. namasteadept

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    hello there, im having a problem getting the samsung sch-920 known as the attain from metro pcs.
    im trying to connect to qpst or dfs cdma tool but it cuts in and out and wont connect.
    i have the spc code but for some reason im having connection problems.
    it shows under device manager and i set the com port to one or two and in dfs it will recognise it for a minute but qpst wont connect at all.
    any help would be appreciated.
    it is a cdma / lte hybrid so it has both.
    am i using and outdated software or what.
    it connects fine to my samsung admire.
    thanks in advance.



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