Root SD Card Won't Load in HBoot


On Christmas Eve I was gonna give myself the gift of a new ROM. I turned off my phone & put the SD card into a card reader hooked up to my laptop. I transferred the ROM to my SD card. Then put my SD card back in my phone and turned on HBoot.

I get the regular HBoot screen for a few seconds then another screen flashes about loading something from the SD but it goes by too fast to read.

Then no matter what category I pick in HBoot the screen will flash the very 1st HTC screen like a normal boot & then have fastboot selected when it flashes back to the HBoot menu. All my apps & stuff load fine from the SD in normal mode. But now I can't use HBoot to do anything. Is there a way to fix this?


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Download ROM manager from the market, go into the settings, check the box to erase recovery before flashing. (allow any superuser requests) Go back to the main screen of ROM manager and flash recovery 3 or 4 times.

Then choose the option to boot into recovery.ROMs are flashed in recovery, not hboot.


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I know that. But the ROM I'm wanting to load (Nils GingerSense 3.5) says specifically not to use ROM Manager. So to get to recovery w/o ROM Manager, I go into Hboot mode. Is that not correct?