small issue with apex launcher in the 1 day ive been using it


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i upgraded to ics 2 days ago, most things seemed fine, i decided to put a launcher on my phone, i usually just used stock but thought id give it a go.

after looking around i went with apex, looks good etc..

i have had 2 small issues though both relating to sms:

just before i got a text and i went to open my msgs and the phone just froze and went black, after about 10 secs it said swype cannot open and i had to restart the phone to get it working again.

also my sms icon no longer shows that i have texts, it would show a 1 or 2 on the icon before (yes it still worked fine after my ics upgrade, its since putting apex on the numbers have gone)

is this just a feature of apex or should i still be seeing the number of texts i have on the icon?

when i first installed apex the original sms icon didnt function and i havd to drag the icon from the apps draw onto the homescreen and that one worked.

anyway are the above issues known issues or am i doing something wrong?



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Have you tried Nova launcher? I haven't had any problems with it and the dev has always been very responsive with his other apps