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Stock everything for MetroPCS Avant

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mgibson041387, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. mgibson041387

    mgibson041387 Newbie
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  2. mgibson041387

    mgibson041387 Newbie
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    This flashable file is especially good if you have some kind of warranty work needed to be done because this will remove root and restore the phones status from custom to stock, so no one can tell you were ever rooted or had a custom recovery.
  3. Richard Nixon

    Richard Nixon Lurker

    Much thanks. Just rooted my Avant; experimenting before moving onto the Grand Prime.

    Then, eventually a real Galaxy...whenever the heck that'll be.

  4. mgibson041387

    mgibson041387 Newbie
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    I have created a new post with everything I have found for the avant. Root, Odin, Deodex(MetroPCS), Custom recovery, Wifi tethering bypass(MetroPCS & T-Mobile), and the flashable tar(MetroPCS) if your phone gets soft bricked or you just need to send it back to complete stock for what ever reason.
  5. Ryan1976

    Ryan1976 Newbie

    Hi thanks for the links, do you know of a cyogen mod for a metro pcs Samsung Galaxy avant

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