Help Tablet Will Not Turn On


I just received the 7 plus tab for Christmas. In the few short days that I've owned it, it will work great and then the screen will not turn back on from 'sleep mode'.

I hold down the power button and touch the screen to get it to turn back on. But, for $400, I am very frustrated that this is happening at all!!!!!

The 'Live Chat' operator at Samsung told me to do a "hard reset" by holding down the power and volume button. Told me that doing a 'Factory Reset' from settings was not the same thing. And this would make the software more stable.

Is this true?? I do not want to have to input all my information again. Shouldn't the device have been at the 'factory settings' two days ago when I first opened it?

Looking for some advice.


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The Samsung rep is following a script. but that script is used partly because sometimes those things are found to be helpful.

I would be inclined to follow those recommendations first.


I had the same problem, my Samsung 7 plus died after 3 days. I did the factory reset and it came back with all of my software and settings. It seems to die about once a week and I have to do the same process over and over.

My girlfriend has a Samsung andriod phone, I cant remember the model number, and she has to reset her phone all the time. It seems to be a Samsung thing. They just haven't figured out how to implement a stable version of Android yet.

Maybe with version 4 of Android they will stop changing the OS long enough for the hardware guys to figure things out. With a new version of Android coming out every 3 months there is no way that anyone will be able to develop a stable platform.


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When it happens you have to hold the power button for a lot longer than normal for it to turn back on, about 20 seconds or so. Mine was doing this as well as randomly rebooting so i returned it to Best Buy and got a replacement. Has only happened once on the replacement in the past 3 weeks were it was happening daily on my first one.