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Task Manager/App Killer?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Jynks, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. Jynks

    Jynks Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I have tried 3 app killers from the market and none of them seam to work. Any suggestions for a working task manager for honeycomb.?

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  2. vosg

    vosg Android Expert

    The best task manager is the OS. Really, don't use task killers. They do (a lot) more harm than good.
  3. Jynks

    Jynks Newbie
    Thread Starter

    How do I access the os task killer
  4. Stuntman

    Stuntman Android Expert

    What is the reason for using a task killer? What do you hope to accomplish by killing tasks?

    It is generally not recommended to use task killers or to manually kill tasks. If you kill a task, Android will realise that there is available memory that is freed up when you kill the task. Android will then use that memory again by loading a task that it thinks you may need. Sometimes that task is the one you killed, so killing a task just uses resources to kill the task, free the memory and then load the app again into the memory you freed up which does pretty well nothing.
  5. Podivin

    Podivin Android Expert

    I agree, you don't need a task killer.
    If you find that you MUST kill an app because it's causing a problem (an app running in the background even though you've closed it, is not necessarily a problem) then you can go into settings > applications > manage applications > running apps, from there you can kill a specific apps.

    The best thing to do, don't think about what's running, don't waste your time looking at 'running apps', don't sit around reading up on which is the best task killer.
    If there's a PROBLEM, then hunt it down - otherwise let the OS do it's thing. If you find yourself having to kill an app because it's causing a problem, then it's time to seriously think about removing that app and using a different one to accomplish it's task.
  6. AKA_Rizzo

    AKA_Rizzo Member

    Find the App in the drawer, Long press it, Look for the "i" on the top right.

    Drag the app to that i, Click force close.
  7. 2NorthPro

    2NorthPro Lurker

    Just use the settings. Its the cleanest way.
  8. Stuntman

    Stuntman Android Expert

    Just because an app is loaded in memory does not mean that it is running. If you load and use an app, it is running. Then when you switch away from the app to the home screen or to another app, the app you were using may still be in memory, but it may not actually be running. Many apps don't really have anything to do most of the time when it is not the active one on your screen. If the app is designed properly, it should just be suspended and not really use up any CPU cycles. When you bring up the list of apps, you see the ones you can switch to. That list does not really indicate whether or not the app is running. It is most likely just loaded into memory and not actually running.

    There are apps that do need to run in the background occasionally. If you have an app that periodically polls some source and updates, then it will need to run in the background and probably only runs at the time it polls. When it is not polling, it is likely to be idle and not use any CPU cycles.
  9. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Android Expert

    I'm just tired of seeing a ton of apps in the task mgr. Even if I exit an app it still sits in the there. Sick of scrolling through them all if I'm just using a few apps. You should be able to right click or press and hold to get a pop up menu to remove it from the task mgr.
  10. partridge

    partridge Android Enthusiast

    You don't need task killers in Android. fact.
    vosg likes this.
  11. WilliamPC

    WilliamPC Lurker

    The Lenovo IdeaPad has a similar task bar (the right side scroller) but on theirs each app has a little red - on it, ala iOS. You click on the minus and the app goes away. That was the only thing I liked about that tablet....lol
  12. mbob63

    mbob63 Member

    Ice Cream Sandwich will solve this problem with the ability to swipe away running apps to close them.
  13. AutobahnSHO

    AutobahnSHO Android Enthusiast

    Does it really close them? I thought it just clears them from the 'recent used apps' list.
  14. mbob63

    mbob63 Member

    My understanding is that some of the apps are inactive anyway. Android was designed to handle this multi-tasking process. I tried app killers but never did see any difference in battery life. My Transformer has a great battery life.
  15. Crash27

    Crash27 Android Enthusiast

    I myself like ES Task Manager, I have used it for awhile now, it has added a lot of features over the last few updates such as Startup Manager, Cache Cleaner, App Manager, File Explorer, Power Optimizer....and more. Everyone has different likes and dislikes and for one this would be a great app and to another not great. I personally do not use mine unless I have a issue with an application. There is a lot of negative feedback with using task killers. There was an article I came across with the downfall of using them, I posted the link below.

    Android Task Killers Explained: What They Do and Why You Shouldn’t Use Them
  16. d.contrarian

    d.contrarian Lurker

    Hi everyone, please bear with the n00b.

    I have a real dilemma that needs a good app recommendation in this area of app managers/killers. The Getjar app store client on my SE Xperia Arc (stock 2.3) is running in the background and hurting my phone, for real. How do i know? cos the battery usage monitor in settings tells me that it is ALWAYS responsible for 25% - 35% of total battery usage, every single time i check it up. my phone can't get me thru the day except with very light usage (and i'm already quite a light user).

    Even if i kill the app once using the 'manage applications' setting page, it probably starts itself right back up again cos i don't see any change to my battery usage pattern over the course of the day. and i don't want to delete the app cos the free apps on Getjar Gold are just too good to pass up, and silly Getjar has no alternative method of delivery besides the mobile app.

    I just need an app that monitors for selected preconditions, such as a particular app running in the background, and kills it automatically. i've used ATK by ReChild back in my Moto Droid (2.1 eclair) days to great satisfaction, but all the "2.2+ doesn't need a task killer", "it does more harm than good" comments are making me hesitate going back to it. besides, it kills a bunch of apps according to its own preset algorithms, so i can't be sure if it's killing apps i want running, or even if it is actually killing the Getjar client.

    Please help!!! :(:(:(
  17. AutobahnSHO

    AutobahnSHO Android Enthusiast

    Umm,, you totally posted in the wrong area of the forum.
  18. d.contrarian

    d.contrarian Lurker

    If u are referring to the fact this is a device sub-forum, i DO own an ASUS Transformer TF101. So yeah, it could very well apply, anyway i think my post is on-topic considering the OP. Do you have any recommendations?

    Anyway thanks for reminding me to post this in another forum for maximum coverage.

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