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Thank goodness for the NFL app

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by xisruno, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. xisruno

    xisruno Member
    Thread Starter

    Well I am glad that I have the Sprint Hero.....

    at least here in Chicago I am able to watch the Cowbowys @ Saints game.

    Go Cowboys

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  2. agent0014

    agent0014 Android Enthusiast

    lol that's the first time I've ever heard someone actually praise that app... awesome though bud!
  3. stamets303

    stamets303 Newbie

    I work at night...and that app has made my night on the occasional Monday and Thursday.
  4. big_z

    big_z Android Enthusiast

    My girlfriend pulled up the Colts-Jaguars game on her Moment on Thursday so I could watch it on our drive home from a Manheim Steamroller concert that her parents bought us tickets for. That was cool. When it works that NFL app is pretty good, but when it gets stupid it's pretty worthless.

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