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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ronaldramsayii, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. ronaldramsayii

    ronaldramsayii Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Not My Work!! Just Spreading The Word

    This is from his website: www.peteralfonso.com
    Follow him on twitter too


    UPDATE: 8/14/2010

    So what does this "Unleash The Beast" tool do? Thought you'd never ask:


    File Size = 2.66 MB

    * Will root your Samsung Captivate (if you already have root that is ok too)
    * Can enable sideloading (for installing non market apps)
    * Install Busybox & symlinks (V1.17.1)
    * Install SQLite3
    * Install Wireless Tether App (V2.0.5) (turns phone into a router for free)
    * Install Market Access App (V1.0.6) (Can uncensor your market)
    * Install News & Weather App (a.k.a. Genie Widget)
    * Blocks Advertisements in Apps & Browser
    * Removes the AT&T Boot Animation (credit to me!)
    * Removes Power On Sound
    * Removes Power Off Sound
    * Removes AT&T Family Map App
    * Removes AT&T Music App
    * Removes AT&T Maps App
    * Removes AT&T Navigator App
    * Removes AT&T Radio App
    * Removes AT&T Hot Spots App
    * Removes Days App
    * Removes Daily Briefing App
    * Removes Google Maps (download from market to have the latest version)
    * Removes Memo App
    * Removes Mini Diary App
    * Removes Mobile Banking App
    * Removes Mobile Video App
    * Removes MobiTV App
    * Removes My Files App (Astro File Manager is WAY better)
    * Removes Where App
    * Removes Write And Go App
    * Removes Yellow Pages App

    For those of you worried you will need any of these apps there are better replacements for them in the Market. Trust me you will not miss any of them once you flash this tool. If you are still worried I will eventually make a restore tool that will add them back if need be.

    Installation Instructions:

    1. Download unleashthebeastv0.2.zip
    2. Rename to update.zip
    3. Place on sdcard (the built in card, not the removable)
    4. Boot into recovery mode
    (shut off phone, then hold power, volume up, & volume down at the same time)
    5. Select "Reinstall Packages"
    6. Enjoy, you have now Unleashed The Beast!

    Side-loading Instructions:

    1. Open a terminal (you can download "Android Terminal Emulator" in the market)
    2. Type in: su
    3. Type in: sideloading
    4. Your phone will reboot and sideloading will be enabled!


    Version 0.2
    -Downgraded Busybox to V1.17.1 (has more commands)
    -Properly symlinked all busybox commands
    -Created a sideloading script!
    -Added SQLite3
    -Updated Wireless Tether to pre8

    Want Just Root?

    Easy Peasy.

    1. Download rootupdate.zip
    2. Rename to update.zip
    3. Place on sdcard (the built in card, not the removable)
    4. Boot into recovery mode
    (shut off phone, then hold power, volume up, & volume down at the same time)
    5. Select "Reinstall Packages"
    6. Enjoy, you now have a rooted device!

    Thanks to Peter Alfonso

    For those looking for a Stock Deodexed/Rooted ROM of the Captivate, here's the link to it:
    Deodexed Captivate

    Install this using ROM Manager or ClockworkMod Recovery....or rename it to "update.zip" and continue from there....

    Thanks to Designgears @ XDA-Forums

  2. JNKS

    JNKS Newbie

    This seems great im trying it now.I have a yellow triangle icon that has the droid logo shoveling inside it, that automatically popped up when I did the reset. The icon has been there for a minute or two now and says do not turn off target!!! How long should this take until this screen go's away? Thanks
  3. ronaldramsayii

    ronaldramsayii Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    What number in the process are u at now?
  4. JNKS

    JNKS Newbie

    Looks like it got stuck on that screen on my first try so I restarted and boot screen popped up. I loaded it up and it works. Its ALL gone!!! Everything seems to be running just fine and all my apps are still there. Thanks for the great info!!
  5. ronaldramsayii

    ronaldramsayii Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    No problem....
    Try the new kernel if you like...
  6. Droopie28

    Droopie28 Member

  7. bake

    bake Newbie

    When will the restore be available? It would be nice to be able to have a "stock" phone should you need to go back to the AT&T store. Thanks though! Great work and thanks for helping the community!
  8. ronaldramsayii

    ronaldramsayii Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I'll update the OP with the link. Check it out....
  9. Benclayton

    Benclayton Newbie

    Just a heads up, this kills FlipFonts on JH2.
  10. lawerence

    lawerence Newbie

    Works awesome. Phone runs super fast.
    Only problem is the wifi tether app just FCs all the time.
  11. Karl_Tx

    Karl_Tx Member

    You my friend are a god :) This is soooooooooo cool. Got rid of all of At&t's bullsh#t.
    Now.....if you have a zip file to do the fix the lag thing.....I''ll be set :)
  12. Karl_Tx

    Karl_Tx Member

    Hi again.....one problem.......the wifi tether app crashes on my Captivate when I touch the screen to start it? Any thoughts? Thanks
  13. Rhiannon224

    Rhiannon224 Well-Known Member

    Use Rom Manager and apply fix permissions and some reportede this works for them and soves the tethering issue. Good Luck.
    Karl_Tx likes this.
  14. Karl_Tx

    Karl_Tx Member

    Ok....did the rom manager thing....but now......when I turn on tethering.....it shuts off my wifi......damn. Sorry to bug you......new to this and love it and want to learn :)
  15. Rhiannon224

    Rhiannon224 Well-Known Member

    I'm a newb too. check out the full thread on XDA and you will find a fix, Peter Alfonso is the developer that posted this, he may be able to help.

    I am learning too, your not bugging anyone, this is for all of us, we work together to make our phones better. It is a community, no worries, we learn from each other.

    I don't use this feature, sorry I can't be more help.

    Lot's of goodies there.

    Good luck!
  16. cabsnow

    cabsnow Newbie

    Uninstall the wifi tether and install it from the market. Fixed all of my issues. My question is how do I return to stock before froyo comes?

    edit:I think the answer is to just flash the stock rom on via Odin. Correct me if I'm wrong please.
  17. ronaldramsayii

    ronaldramsayii Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    The kernel may not have the feature implemented yet. I'm not sure if others have confirmed Wifi Tether to work as of yet, but from experience, if it's not within the build of the kernel, Wifi Tether won't work until it is.
  18. ronaldramsayii

    ronaldramsayii Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    You'll get the update regardless. If you flashed this it won't affect whether you get the update or not. It'll just overwrite the current build you have. Now if you're running a custom ROM which I dont think any are available just yet, then you should flash back to the deodexed version, which is stock....
  19. bill.g

    bill.g Member

    Too bad that thread to revert back to stock rom does not seem to have more than one or two people that have been able to get that to work.
  20. ronaldramsayii

    ronaldramsayii Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    This didn't work for u? It worked for plenty of ppl over at XDA....
  21. bill.g

    bill.g Member

    The restore restore to default rom part did not work for me. Though the app to remove all the bloat did work for me. I am not having any problems with it, but wanted to try and do the restore so if I did get in a bind I would know how to do it.
  22. ronaldramsayii

    ronaldramsayii Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Ok this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to update the OP with the Stock Deodexed version. It'll boot it back to stock, but still give you root capabilities. I'm at work right now, but I'll take care of it when I get the chance to.... It's a far less complicated process that comes in the same format as Unleash The Beast.... a "update.zip" file.
    bill.g likes this.
  23. bill.g

    bill.g Member

    Thank you so much, though I am sure I would lose all my data doing this, but that is ok for me at this point.
  24. Rhiannon224

    Rhiannon224 Well-Known Member

    This would be amazing, I need help real bad. I need to return my phone and swap it for a new one. I nned to get this AT&T stuff back on and unroot so that I am good on Warranty. I am heartbroken, the screen has a fragmented line aboout 1 1/2" in the center of the screen about a hair in thickness and I've had 2 random shutdowns in 2 days. I really don't want to have to spend $500 to buy an new one. I can't find Odin to the process on the XDA sight. Please, I'm desperate.
  25. Karl_Tx

    Karl_Tx Member

    The wifi tethering isn't working :( I used this on my captivate....so.....1) can it be made to work or 2) how can I delete the wifi app from the phone? I found barnacle wifi for free and it works. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for the great zip file.

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