umm Why do you need a 3rd party wall charger? Is the one provided by Samsung not good enough?


I see a bunch of 3rd part wall chargers. What gives? Are they faster / better? If so, what are the best?

Or is it the same as Samsung's provided one?


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You might need one at the office, as well as at home? Indeed there's hundreds of third-party chargers available, I would suggest getting a good quality one, and absolutely avoid cheapo.

Then buy an extra Samsung charger. Why go for a third party? Are they better?


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i have several chargers at home for wherever i may be. the only 3rd party one's that i will buy are from google, or from Anker
I rarely use the OEM chargers because I prefer ones providing extra ports. I picked up a handful of Duracell (the battery folks) wall chargers. These have 1 port that provides 2.1 amps, and a second port that provides 1 amp. I have one in the kitchen, one in the den, and another in the bedroom. I have a Puregear dual port charger in my car, my truck, and my work vehicle. I have a box full of single port Samsung chargers that I think are generally ok, but when I'm charging, I either need an additional port (Bluetooth headset), or I need the faster charge rate provided by the 2.1 amp port. The sales person from whom I bought my S8+ said this thing charged at 6 amps and recommended I only use the provided Samsung charger. I took it out of the box and found that it was only a 2.0 amp charger and showed her that. She seemed surprised.