Unable to find my phone number.


I recently found my old Samsung galaxy Y, I thought it would be a cool idea to use it for a week, to see if its still usable and to make me appreciate my nice phone even more. But anyway, I also recently bought a new sim card, The sim card in the Samsung was not working so i put the new one in the phone, I started it up and it asked me for the sim pin (So it recognized it) I put it in and it says i have reception and it also gives me the 3g logo. But.... I dont know the phone number of this sim, so i tried to message my other phone so i could see it. but SMSs dont go through, i cant call either. Anyway so i went to: settings - about phone - status - and i saw it has the right network, but my phone number is unknown. And scrolling down it says "Mobile network state - Disconnected" So I googled this and found that you can: tap on contacts [settings] Own numbers and you can make your own, so i did, restarted the phone and then tried to call that number from my other phone, some random person answered, this happened 2 times, i then changed the number again and now when i call it it goes straight to voicemail, so i dont know if that might be because the person whos number that actually is their phones off or disconnected. Anyway another weird thing is i did get and SMS from my carrier saying "Vodacom has activated your free VoLTE service. For further assistance with device settings or more info visit Vodacom.co.za " so the sim is working, I am so confused and would appreciate ANY help.

Thanks - Adam

I dont know if this helps but it might also be worth mentioning that the sim i bought i put into my tablet but my tablet came from Germany so its carrier locked, so the sim didnt work in there.