Root [US Cellular] Need help rooting my Galaxy Note 2 From US Cellular

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from U.S. Cellular.
Model Number: SCH-R950
Android Version: 4.1.1
Baseband: R950VXALL1
Kernel: 3.0.31-573917
SMP PREEMPT Thu Dec 6 13:21:46 KST 2012
Build Number: JRO03C.R950VXALL1
Hardware Version: R950.06

The reason I want to root is because I want to be able to uninstall stock applications. I also want to be able to use applications that require root.
The main reason is because when I open Google Wallet it says "Not Supported" "Unfortunately, Google Wallet is not yet available for your device or mobile network."

That's a lie, I think U.S. Cellular blocked it somehow.
My phone has NFC so why is Wallet not working?
I want it to work but to fix it I need my phone rooted, after which I plan to use this video or something similar..

I have only rooted one phone and I think it was a Motorola Electrify, so I do know some of the terms and benefits, consequences and stuff like that.
If someone could point me to a guild that will work for my phone and where I can download the files that would be very helpful and appreciated. :)

I want to use a guide like this or similar that way I'll have a rooted phone with cwm plus a cwm backup.

Is that even a good guide or are there better ones that'll work for me that I can use to backup my phone and stuff?
I want to also thank you in advance for whoever points me to a good guide/where to download the files/if anyone knows how to fix google wallet after my phone gets rooted!