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Virgin Mobile: 8sms MMS not working, but Textra is?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by leviathan, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. leviathan

    leviathan Lurker
    Thread Starter

    For some reason 8sms cannot receive pictures or videos unless Textra is the default messaging app. I prefer 8sms over Textra so I would like to solve this problem.

    I have already looked at the APN settings for both and they are the same.

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  2. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast

    I have good reason to assume ur phone is rooted ?

    Next is what I done was grabbed from my back up under apps the mms.apk & SMS.apk n replaced it with the one that in there n now it works

    By hitting thanks if this helped you will also help others in your situation so please help me help others
  3. leviathan

    leviathan Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yes I'm rooted.

    I'm sorry but I didn't understand the rest of your post.
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  4. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast

    Sorry due to my car accident i split my lense in my left eye so trying to type from a gals3 screen im sure mistakes will take place
    Hope this helps more

    I made a backup of my stock
    MMS.apk that's the Multimedia Messaging Service program

    And my
    SMS.apk that's the
    Short Messaging Services program

    I pasted them both into my SD ext card then installed and choosed to replace the exsiting ones that was installed by the rom I installed

    I hope this helps out if it does please hit the thank you button by doing this it helps others to get assurance that they r getting proper help.
  5. leviathan

    leviathan Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Sorry to hear about your accident

    I already have the stock SMS/MMS apps on the phone however. I'm trying to use the app 8sms. When I receive an MMS on 8sms I cannot download it but if I use Textra it downloads fine. As far as I can tell the settings are the same. I prefer 8sms greatly to Textra though.
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  6. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast

    I consider this post solved
    means that I haven't heard back from you thank you very much good sir and have a good day..

    Ok good sir I have done more research on this topic and this is what I have come back with
    Have you seen this before ----->MMS Settings | 8sms
    has it worked for you?

    and have you also tried updating your prl and profile in the settings of your phone?

    next make sure you write down your existing current settings before going---> here Virgin Mobile APN Settings (USA)are what should be the proper settings for your phone and device.

    Also added here for you to know as well
    If you get the message Can't send message right now. Too many unsent multimedia messages, you have too many unsent (or failed to be sent) mms messages.

    If there are too many mms messages waiting to be sent (or failed to be sent), then 8sms won't allow you to send any new mms messages. This is to avoid clogging up the queue.

    This restriction will occur when the total size of all the unsent messages is more than four times the mms message size limit. With default settings, this happens when there are more than 1.2 megabytes worth of unsent messages.

    To fix this issue, find any unsent mms messages and delete them. To delete a message, long press on it and select Delete.

    MMS message size too large
    Most network providers have a standard maximum mms message size limit of 300 kilobytes. If the mms message you are sending is too large, it may be rejected by the network.

    To adjust the message size limit in 8sms, see Settings
  7. leviathan

    leviathan Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Sorry for the late response and thank you for all the time you put into this but I've tried all of that already. I can send MMS just fine but I cannot download them with 8sms. I don't understand how I can download MMS with Textra but not 8sms with the same settings
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  8. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast

    I am sorry this hasnt work for you
    Does it show any errors when sending or receiving. If so are u able to take pictures of it. Sometime seeing could also help

    Have u tried uninstalling the program keep in mind u may loose you txt n pics if you dont back them up you may want to before doing this next step is get the latest ver of SMS backup from play store n do a back up and choose to send by email of ur texts n pics .

    Then uninstall m8 and try to get the latest ver of m8 from play store
    And before doing a new install of m8 I would load ur phone into recovery and do a dalvik cache wipe and also wipe system cache as well so it clears the new settings out of your system for the new settings to take effect when you install the latest over of m8 let me know if you need help doing anything mentioned

    Its never a problem to the extent I will go to help as for I enjoy helping others.
    I thank you for being patient as you've been its been great pleasure working with you over your situation. I will like to return that back to you by resolving ur issues with ur phone.

    At a point I feel as if I can't help you resolve. I will ask from higher knowledge if they could further assist you in your repairs.
  9. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast

    I voted excellence to leviathan
    for being easy to work with please if anyone has more on this topic please do so
    as for I have ran out of options over this topic and would like to see this person's issues resolved.

    message to leviathan
    I have put in a favor of request from the higher up's on this topic
    that will and could help both of us to point you in the rite direction
    please forgive me as for I have found myself semi stumped over your situation.
    and would like to apply accuracy and professional to your topic...

    someone will be here shortly thank you for your time that you have invested into me... it means allot that you have done so in return I would only like to provide you with the same courtesy:D

    :)As a note to anyone that can help:
    I have also tried to gain knowledge over the program by installing on my phone as a added point of view to better understand the issues but yet have found the issues and where it lies upon...
  10. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ±
    VIP Member

    I'm not familiar with 8sms, but why do you have Textra installed also?
    Isn't Textra another sms/mms app?
    I realize that you stated in your first post that 8sms will not work without Textra. Do you get an error message stating so?

    and this:
    Can't send or receive mms | 8sms

    Does your rom have Textra as the default app or are you running stock/rooted?
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  11. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast

    excellent I now think I know where the problems lay and I should have asked if they still had original sms mms still installed on their system sometimes I miss things along the way.

    Thank you for your assistance Sir Mod Mikestony for pointing that out to us
    :)I now feel strongly that we can get this nice person back on track from what you have been able to provide us with ..
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  12. leviathan

    leviathan Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Did all of this, too. I had to wipe my phone to rollback to an earlier firmware.

    Thank you for all of your help

    I installed Textra after 8sms would not work. I have emailed with a developer of 8sms and he could not find the issue either :\

    Code (Text):
    1. 12-20 09:59:10.487 E/8sms/Mms:transaction(2939): Url: http://rstnmmsc.vmobl.com:8088/ammsc/?APgTUKToFbxwe3XIT
    2. 12-20 09:59:10.487 E/8sms/Mms:transaction(2939): HTTP error: Authorization Required
    3. 12-20 09:59:10.487 E/8sms/RetrieveTransacti(2939): java.io.IOException: HTTP error: Authorization Required
    4. 12-20 09:59:10.487 E/8sms/RetrieveTransacti(2939): at com.thinkleft.eightyeightsms.mms.transaction.HttpUtils.handleHttpConnectionException(HttpUtils.java:296)
    5. 12-20 09:59:10.487 E/8sms/RetrieveTransacti(2939): at com.thinkleft.eightyeightsms.mms.transaction.HttpUtils.httpConnection(HttpUtils.java:282)
    6. 12-20 09:59:10.487 E/8sms/RetrieveTransacti(2939): at com.thinkleft.eightyeightsms.mms.transaction.Transaction.getPdu(Transaction.java:243)
    7. 12-20 09:59:10.487 E/8sms/RetrieveTransacti(2939): at com.thinkleft.eightyeightsms.mms.transaction.RetrieveTransaction.run(RetrieveTransaction.java:139)
    8. 12-20 09:59:10.487 E/8sms/RetrieveTransacti(2939): at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:841)
    9. 12-20 09:59:10.487 E/8sms/RetrieveTransacti(2939): Caused by: java.io.IOException: HTTP error: Authorization Required
    10. 12-20 09:59:10.487 E/8sms/RetrieveTransacti(2939): at com.thinkleft.eightyeightsms.mms.transaction.HttpUtils.httpConnection(HttpUtils.java:205)
    11. 12-20 09:59:10.487 E/8sms/RetrieveTransacti(2939): ... 3 more
    12. 12-20 09:59:10.487 E/8sms/RetrieveTransacti(2939): MMS pdu is NULL
    13. 12-20 09:59:10.487 E/8sms/RetrieveTransacti(2939): Retrieval failed.
    is the logcat of when I try to receive an MMS using 8sms (I think)
  13. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast

    Hi and thank you for coming back
    as Sounds to me to be a compatibility issue with the firmware that you was on was either not accepting and or understanding and or with that firmware you was on was caused by your provider blocking those commands to your phone as for they want you to use what comes with the phone for advertising purposes and or as to some want you to only run certain software due to user ratings so we don't go around downing a provider.
    Then again certain firmware being under developed before being sent to us as a update could work on some but not all phones.
    I hope this will help understand some things about as to why.

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