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What have I done? Not bricked, but not right...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kris10yager, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. kris10yager

    kris10yager Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I rooted my Samsung Gravity Smart so that I could move stuff to the sd card. The internal phone memory was always too low to download any apps or to update anything. Sucked. So, admittedly foolishly, I used Root Explorer to move a whole bunch of stuff to the sd card.

    Not total disaster, but close: everything started failing. I moved most of the stuff BACK to the system apps folder, and most stuff is back to working, but now the home screen does not have the phone or contacts icons shortcuts on the bottom where they used to be next to the messaging and apps shortcuts. I loaded "phone" and "contacts" as regular icons on screen 1. Much more difficult to access quickly. Anyone know how to restore the original configuration with the phone, messaging, contacts, and more app icons strung along the bottom of the home screen? Know what I talking about, here?

    Worse than that, though, now my internal phone storage is completely full because I moved stuff back to it and apparently screwed up and moved other stuff from the sd card onto the phone. The stupid sd card is virtually empty, but I'm terrified to move anything to it.

    Please help if you know how to just restore the phone to the way it was. This sucks. Thanks!

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  2. gblues

    gblues Member

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  3. kris10yager

    kris10yager Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Well, I, uh...I attempted to partition my sd card following the EXACT steps detailed by another friendly person on these forums. Unfortunately, I failed to partition it more than one time, which was required by the ROM I wanted to install, but in attempting, I did manage to wipe the whole $%&#ing sd card clean. I did back up the stuff from it onto Kies, but I honestly don't knw how to put it back onto the sd card. Oh, Kristen (self)... What were you thinking?
  4. gblues

    gblues Member

    If you use the instructions from the "Recovering a mostly dead phone" section of the link I posted, you will restore it back to stock firmware which should let you restore the data you backed up with Kies.
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  5. johnhalbert

    johnhalbert Lurker

    I think I bricked my gravity smart as well - thought I'd post in here since there was some usefull stuff here & you guys seem to know a lot more about this than I do! :D

    I rooted my smart, no problem, found a guide on how to get an unlock code, which I did, got a sim card from simple mobile so that I could get the phone up & running & when I stuck in the sim, the phone died! Technically, when I stuck in the sim & turned on the phone it booted without any problems, but it didn't ask me for the unlock code. When I turned the phone off and back on to see if it would bring up the unlock screen, the display just started flashing and the phone wouldn't boot.

    The phone won't respond to DFU/recovery sequence, outlined in the linked page by gblues above, but I did find out that I could get it to go into "download" mode by pressing the volume up+down keys together with either the power key or a usb cable inserted. From there I can get Odin to recognize the phone, but when I go through the steps mentioned by gblues I get no love & am returned to the blinking screen when the phone is rebooted.

    Has anyone successfully come back from this and/or know why this happened??
  6. gblues

    gblues Member

    I think one of your boot loaders is toast. There are a few partitions missing from the samfirmware.com package. I have a dump from my phone that may help you resurrect your phone. I'll post it tonight when I get home.
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  7. johnhalbert

    johnhalbert Lurker

    Thanks man - it'd be nice if I could get this phone working - I will be flushing $100 down the drain if it stays bricked. :hmpf:
  8. nlepera

    nlepera Lurker

    where did you get the code to unlock the phone to switch over to simple mobile?
  9. johnhalbert

    johnhalbert Lurker

    How to root and unlock Samsung Galaxy Q/Gravity Smart Part 2/2 - YouTube

    If you're having trouble finding the code using the hex they give in the video, look on the 2nd page of comments on the youtube page at the 2nd to last comment by lilsam - he gives another hex that I was able to use to find the unlock code.

    I never did get to use it, of course, because it didn't prompt me and when I rebooted the phone it died.
  10. agpage

    agpage Lurker

    Did you end up doing this. My phone is in the same state. I can follow the steps from your wiki, but end up in the same state.

    A normal power-on results in the screen blinking. I can hold down power and both volume buttons and get the download screen, but after following your wiki guide, It still blinks.

    Thanks for any help
  11. johnhalbert

    johnhalbert Lurker

    no - his imei # and other sensitive information was on the other partitions not included in the firmware package mentioned on his wiki, so there was no way for him to get that to me.

    I was able to get my phone working again by jtagging the phone and using firmware that can be found at boot-loader.com.
  12. agpage

    agpage Lurker

    Thanks. Turns out the phone was under warenty. Just got a replacement

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