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[Boost Mobile] [RELEASE] Clockworkmod For warp Released today

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  1. Snake X

    Snake X Well-Known Member

    weird.. I dont know how I missed it :s

  2. Woodstock77

    Woodstock77 Well-Known Member

  3. Snake X

    Snake X Well-Known Member

    oops.. XD

    I probably skipped over that part most likely.. oh well
  4. aaanadie

    aaanadie Well-Known Member


    CWM Recovery We have now do not restore apps, so to be 100% covered you must have:
    - Backup made with CWM.
    - Backup made with Titanium Backup or something similar.
    - Save both backups from sdcard to pc.

    Better way ?

  5. theramsey3

    theramsey3 Active Member

    Windows 7; 64 bit tried to make it a major task to get the drivers to work Lastnight when I finally got around to trying to install beta 2. After I got the drivers and sdk installed right it went off without a hitch, until like a dummy I who had already read that it didn't backup user data decided to apply a cwm backup... I thought I had everything backed up with titanium backup... nope didn't have a backup. on the bright side I did remove some bloatware I have been scared to remove and got rid of the apps I don't use anymore. I now have the paid version of titanium backup, have a backup for my data and know exactly what it means by "doesn't restore user data" it means it only restores the things that the phone shipped with.

    Thanks to all who helped with the development and testing to make this possible.

    Woodstock77 thanks for the R2D2 boot animation and sound. I was scared to use it till I had cwm.

    Go ahead and flame away. I deserve that one.
  6. Snake X

    Snake X Well-Known Member

    Now I don't feel bad since im not the only one :D
  7. jessesigmon

    jessesigmon Active Member

    Can i use root toolbox to flash recovrry?
  8. aaanadie

    aaanadie Well-Known Member

    No, don't do it. Search in ZTE Warp forums and you will find people who did that and got a lot of problems.
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  9. Lateralus138

    Lateralus138 Well-Known Member

    I kind of screwed up my status bar and can't seem to fix it even though I had it backed up.... so now I don't have a notification bar. I restored to factory settings and that doesn't work and even if I chmod the file it still won't overwrite :) I was wondering if maybe I should use this beta to recover? Or just wait for the beta to be fixed? I really want to be able to access USB Storage. I thought I would see about this option before posting elsewhere in the forum.
  10. Woodstock77

    Woodstock77 Well-Known Member

    You can use the stock recovery from ZTE or you can root, install CWM and then restore my nandroid backup I posted. Up to you. I also have a UOT framework zip you could try with CWM if you want.

    BTW what file are you talking about?
  11. jessesigmon

    jessesigmon Active Member

    Im running ubuntu 11.10 and the bootloader drivers are npt compatible with my os. Is wine even considerable?
  12. Lateralus138

    Lateralus138 Well-Known Member

    Ok well I'm not 100% sure, but it looks like com.android.systemui.com, but it's the notofication bar at the top. I used ROM Toolbox to add a theme (although I knew better) and the notification bar got screwed and keeps crashing. I'll check out your nandroid.
  13. Woodstock77

    Woodstock77 Well-Known Member

    I prefer whiskey and coke myself but whatever floats your boat bro. J/K

    I wish I could find someone to tutor me on linux. Im hopeless
  14. RaiderBoost

    RaiderBoost Active Member

    anyone have a good ics theme that works?
  15. Lateralus138

    Lateralus138 Well-Known Member

    after installing this and then resetting to factory data a second time now my phone won't go past the little green android screen.
  16. aladdin99

    aladdin99 Well-Known Member

    You may need to use the "Handset Software Update Tool" from ZTE.
  17. Lateralus138

    Lateralus138 Well-Known Member

    It worked... thanx a whole lot... and I was able to fix a second broken Warp I had lol.
  18. jdremler

    jdremler Well-Known Member

  19. jsnowl

    jsnowl Member

    Awesome I'm gonna get this installed and look into the USB mounting problems in a couple hours (I'm not quite an expert but maybe a fresh pair of eyes will help) I really like it when it's designed nearly platform independent so thanks all around, do you have a donate button quitestorm? I would love to buy ya a beer! :D
  20. QuietStorm1785

    QuietStorm1785 Well-Known Member Developer

    Nah I dont need donations, I do this for the community. This is for everyone to learn and grow, so much so that I am willing to give away my source code to cwm, and a link to a post on how to build it yourself.. All you guys gotta do is ask...:p


    Also, some advice, make sure you have a way to go back just incase you screw up when testing... Not having a way back can leave you with a nice shiny little paperweight. Thats why when i was messin with my prevail, I thanked god for odin, too bad the warp doesnt have odin... instead of this bs zte upgrade crap... if only I could figure out how to mod the upgrader to install custom mods... but meh, i dont have enough time for all these projects...

    [Double Edit]

    CWM source code:

    I lost the guide on how to build cwm from source, but.. You can use the same guide for how to build cm7 for the prevail from source made by hroark which is here: http://androidforums.com/galaxy-pre...ut-building-cyanogenmod-7-prevail-source.html

    Little disclaimer, I may not be able to help everyone because I am myself just a beginner, just learning, but I WILL help whomever I can whenever I get time away from my job and my family... I just have a basic understanding of C, and Im a really good problem solver, so yeh... This is for whoever wants to learn and is willing to try learning... Gotta love Open source...;-)
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  21. Snake X

    Snake X Well-Known Member

    Quietstorm, if you could help out a potential developer, can you give me some links as to where you started developing so I can help you further the projects you dont have time for? I'd greatly appreciate it :D and I have A LOT of free time
  22. QuietStorm1785

    QuietStorm1785 Well-Known Member Developer

    ok, here's a couple links then for just cwm:

    The creator of cwm, and his guide on porting cwm:
    My Brain Hurts: Porting Clockwork Recovery to New Devices

    another useful guide on compiling cwm:
    Compiling Clockwork Mod From Source

    but where i advise you start off is here:
    Download Ubuntu | Ubuntu

    Download ubuntu, install it... Without a linux variant, alot of these guides are useless... Ubuntu is the OS that is used in ALL of these guides, Me... Im using Linux Mint to build cwm and cm7, just cus I dont like the unity desktop, gets in my way. Also another good spot to stop off at is the guide posted by hroark in the prevail forums on how to build cm7, first you follow hroark's guide, but instead of downloading his prevail source, you download mine.. then instead of typing "lunch full_prevail-eng" you type:
    "lunch full_warp-eng". Also, follow the guide by koush, the first link above. Everything needed for building a working version of cwm is in my source.. I still havent figured out how to build a working version of cm7 using my source, but it's possible.. the cwm source can be used for both cwm, AND cm7. Hopes this helps all those potential devs, the rest is problem solving and debugging. If you SUCK at problem solving, and you have ZERO patience, being a dev is not for you, but if the opposite is true, welcome to the android dev community, and happy learning. =)

    ^^^^^^^^By the way, hroark's guide, is in my previous post... Right above snake there ^^^^^^^^
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  23. Snake X

    Snake X Well-Known Member

    yeah, the biggest problem right now im facing is a backtrace error on compiling aosp (http://pastebin.com/92QJTDFv)

    But thank you so much for that. I should be able to go from there and let you know how things are going :)

    edit: I use ubuntu 11.10 x64
  24. QuietStorm1785

    QuietStorm1785 Well-Known Member Developer

    Im using linux mint 12 x64, which is a variant of ubuntu 11.10... cept without the unity interface. As to the error, I really dont know whats wrong... It could be the toolchain being used, try downloading the cm7 source... it comes with it's own toolchains you could use for both compiling the kernel and cm7
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  25. Snake X

    Snake X Well-Known Member

    I'll check it out tomorrow but for now it's almost time for me to sleep. I pm'd a rom developer (username: SUroot) and even he didn't know what was wrong! He appointed me to a group on google groups and said that even google employee's look there so I posted a topic but its being moderated before posted right now. So maybe either that or what they have to say will clear the way. But nonetheless, you have given me hope and for that I am grateful

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