Contest: Design your own Moto X! [Post your entries here]

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  1. Phases

    Phases Community Manager Administrator

    It's that time again - Phandroid is holding another contest. Pretty sweet - design your own Moto X and if we pick it, we'll build it for you using the upcoming Moto Maker, and ship it your way!

    So head over to the original post and read up on the details and rules, and if it interests you - we'll see you back here shortly ;)

    Good luck all!

  2. egernant

    egernant Well-Known Member

    Front: Black
    Back: Black
    Accents: Metallic Red
    Reminds me of my old-school Halo days - loved the jet black suit with red accents. Sleek, refined and bad@ss.

    Signature: "Nexus" (a guy can pretend, right?)
    Storage: 32GB (duh)
    Greeting: none
    Wallpaper: none (I'll apply the new Nexus 7 wallpaper first thing)
    Google Sync: I'll do it myself

    Awesome contest, great phone, keep it up guys!
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  3. Thats

    Thats That guy is This VIP Member

    Front: Black
    Back: Black
    Accents: Android Green

    Makes me think of the great Android colors without even having to turn the phone on.

    Engraving: Jordan's X
    Boot Message: Feel the power of Google
    Storage: 32GB
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  4. ianmma

    ianmma Member

    Back: Red
    Front: white
    Accents: Blue
    Wallpaper: American flag
    Greeting: Made and designed in the USA
    Storage 32gb
    Engraved with my email and synced to my account on arrival.

    All in the spirit of the first phone MADE IN THE USA!!!
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  5. pewpewbangbang

    pewpewbangbang Well-Known Member

    My perfect Moto X would be unique from the usual all black and white/silver phones.

    The back cover would be a cyan color with a black camera ring. The buttons and frame would be all black, while the front screen/face will be cyan.

    Material-wise, I would choose either metal or ceramic when the options are made available for a higher quality feeling and durability.

    This turns out to be a very nice and unique looking color combination.
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  6. troysyx

    troysyx New Member

    Front: Black
    Back: Green
    Accents: Yellow
    Personal Message: WTD!

    All for my Oregon Ducks. Win The Day!!!
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  7. hatboysam

    hatboysam Member

    Front: black
    Back: black
    Accents: black
    Storage: 32GB
    Message: None, you're gonna sell it when the Nexus 4 2 comes out!
    Greeting: DROIIIIIID (for old time's sake)
    Wallpaper: something rainbowy, let's show off that OLED

    So I'd make it all black, but here's the killer feature:

    I'd make it available on VZW tomorrow.
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  8. TSFox0317

    TSFox0317 New Member

    Front: black
    Back: black
    Accents: yellow (not too bright not too dark) give it that bumblebee kinda look
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  9. synergeticink

    synergeticink New Member

    My favorite phone combination would be:

    Front: White
    Back: Yellow (8th from the right in the picture)
    Accent: Red

    Honestly there are alot of really good combinations and I can see it taking a long time to choose one. When it comes to the Moto X I think the point is to have colors that no one else has so that the phone stands out in a crowd, even though the stock colors are cool...the customization is a huge feature of this phone and might as well get something different. Most likely the next phone I will get won't get these kind of options. Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone :D

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  10. justenjoy

    justenjoy Well-Known Member Contributor

    My X designed using moto maker would be the following colors

    Front of phone- White
    Back plate- Teal Green
    Buttons and accents- Neon Green
    Engraved- DailyGrind

    "DailyGrind is my engraving, because we all have to grind it out at work to get where we'd like to be."

    As for wallpaper, maybe a picture of a Nissan Gtr
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  11. Swisaiahag

    Swisaiahag Well-Known Member

    Front: Desert Camouflage
    Back: Desert Camouflage
    Accents: White
    Wallpaper: USMC logo
    Greeting: The vocals from their commercials

    This phone would be awesome
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  12. Covert_Death

    Covert_Death Well-Known Member

    Back: Grey
    Accent: Red
    Front: Black

    Storage: 32Gb (as if you had to ask)

    Engraved: Phandroid - Covert_Death

    Wallpaper: a nice picture of Chris Chavez and his awesome hair

    Thanks Phandroid, hope i win :p I would pick up ATT service to use this for my personal line if i WIN :)
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  13. 420spawn

    420spawn Member

    Make It a Dessert!
    Black Front
    Black back or a brownish color, but black would match the rest
    White trim
    Black accents (Besides buttons if possible)
    Engraving: "Mmmmm....!"
    Boot Message: "Im Melting!"
    Oh, and if you wan't to go all out and get me headphones; make them white please! It'll be like the Ice Cream Melting when I set the phone down. :) And a white charger too.
    Wall Paper: A random picture of an icecream sandwich with the top piece taken off (Just ice cream) So when it's locked it looks like a full Ice Cream Sanwich, then unlocking it is like pulling off the top!
    Now you have an Ice CreamSandwitch phone! ....If only the Moto X came out when ICS did, this would be great! So I guess it would be an Ice Cream Sandwhich with Jellybeans(Software) in the ice cream(Phone Design)!
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  14. JarHead408

    JarHead408 New Member

    Front: White
    Back: Pastel Pink
    Accents: White
    Storage: 32GB
    Engraving: Bitty
    Load Greeting: Hey There!
    Wallpaper: Stock Moto X
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  15. 420spawn

    420spawn Member

    Even if I don't win, I'll try to make a mock-up ASAP! :D
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  16. chasenyc123

    chasenyc123 New Member

    Front: White
    Back: Dark Blue
    Accents: Android Green
    Storage: 32GB
    Load Greeting: Phandroid Exclusive
    Wallpaper: Phandroid Logo
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  17. bausmusic

    bausmusic New Member

    For me it will have to be...
    Front: Black
    Back: Brown
    Trim: baby blue
    Boot Animation Message: Hello, Smithers..You're quite good at turning me on.
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  18. kowalski989

    kowalski989 New Member

    The Ultimate Phandroid Phone

    Front: White
    Back: Royal Blue
    Trim: Green
    Engraving: Phandroid
    Charger: White
    Case: Clear
    Headphones: Green
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  19. Sturmdroid

    Sturmdroid Member

    Marine Corps

    Front: Black
    Back: Olive Green
    Trim: Maroon
    Engraving: Semper Fi
    Boot Animation Message: Image of Mt Surabachi flag raising with Semper Fi overlaid
    Charger: Olive Green
    Headphones: Maroon
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  20. miked6875

    miked6875 Well-Known Member

    Engraving-MADE IN THE U.S.A.
    How Do You Like Us Now. CHINA ???
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  21. Vanakatherock

    Vanakatherock New Member

    My choice:

    Front: White
    Back: Dark Blue
    Accents: Black
    Signature: None
    Storage: 32GB
    Greeting: Don't be Blue.
    Wallpaper: Stock. I like using my own wallpapers.

    Looking for a winner here.
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  22. macgiobuin

    macgiobuin Well-Known Member

    Back: Mahogany wood grain

    Accent: Burgundy

    Front: Black

    Engraving: Enjoy the finer things in life.

    Wallpaper: 1936 Rolls Royce
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  23. adam8810

    adam8810 New Member

    Front: white
    Back: teal
    Accents: metallic blue

    Signature: none
    Storage: 32GB
    Greeting: none
    Wallpaper: none
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  24. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Front black
    Back black

    Accents Red

    Gotta keep it simple :)
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  25. CoronaDoug

    CoronaDoug Well-Known Member

    Front: Phandroid Black, no Phandoid White, no Phandroid Black, no Phandoid White. :banghead: OK Phandroid White. :shot:
    Back: Phandriod Blue
    Accents: Phandroid Green

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