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Data Plan for Samsung Captivate? :)

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  1. LizzieLovesGaga

    LizzieLovesGaga New Member

    Hello :), okay I currently have an unlimited data plan on AT&T for my family. I'm going to upgrade my LG Vu, to a Samsung Captivate :) I'm worried about something though, If I upgrade to the Captivate will I be able to keep the same unlimited data plan? Or will I have to change into the new data plan?

    Thank you for your time :)

  2. NorCal Einstein

    NorCal Einstein Well-Known Member

    You should be able to keep your unlimited data. If you are worried about it, just make sure you reiterate this when you are making the upgrade.

    Once you're on unlimited data, you are able to switch types of phones and still keep that unlimited plan. For example, switching from Blackberry to Android to WP7.
  3. fldude99

    fldude99 Well-Known Member

    It depends what unlimited plan you're on..if you're on the old medianet family unlimited for $10/mo you can pretty much forget that one..of course if you return the device you can get it back
  4. glg

    glg Active Member

    No, you will lose your unlimited. You have a "feature" phone, Captivate is a "smart phone". If you had a smart phone already with unlimited (iPhone, BB, etc), you'd be able to keep it.
  5. LizzieLovesGaga

    LizzieLovesGaga New Member

    Thanks for the info :)
    I'm very happy with my Captivate, and I ended up changing to the 2GB data plan :)

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