Eve Of The Genesis (Symphony of Eternity kind of)

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  1. timox

    timox New Member

    How do you get heal all 500 hp ? The best i can do is heal all 300 hp ? There is not option to get it to 500 hp ? How do you do it ?

  2. DarkDestiny

    DarkDestiny Member

    There are two heal spells in the game. One "First Aid", I believe, is accessible to everyone. The other heal spell is only for Clia & Gun Girl (maybe?). It's that one that goes up higher.
  3. KMDupree

    KMDupree New Member

    Hi this has been driving me crazy if anyone could help me
    #8: In the town before Ortia Castle, its inn has a hidden stairwell in the upper-right. Go to the west side and you should see a hidden walkway towards a statue, which is in the center of the map.

    I am confused on how to this done, I found the stairs and I found the walkway but it takes me back outside the town and I am in a loss as where to go from there?
  4. koekebakker

    koekebakker Member

    There's a hidden path in the hidden room that leads to a statue.
  5. Stug

    Stug Member

    OK, I've completed the game, defeated the phoenix bosses, but am still missing two ooparts. The second one in column one (between astronomy disk and glider) and the 5th one in column two (between diamond skull and globe). Anyone got any ideas where these are?

  6. Stug

    Stug Member

    OK, found the ooparts I was missing - just hadn't talked to everyone in the towns. But, been round everywhere, and still missing:

    Protective Gear 23
    Weapon 32 - Writings of Ice
    Weapon 34 - Death Fang
    Accessory 12 - Hunter's Certificate
    Accessory 14 - Rival's Cord
    Accessory 15 - Devil's Heart
    Accessory 16 - Photosynthesis Belt
    Accessory 18 - Griffin Fang
    Monster 30 - Forest Watchman
    Monster 38 - Deathgator

    I'm guessing that the griffin fang the Laprox drops, and the Devil's Heart the Death Box drops are either weapons or accessories, but no ideas for the others, and can't figure out how I have missed two monsters!
  7. koekebakker

    koekebakker Member

    Weapon 32, writings of ice is dropped by monster. 38 Deathgator. Deathgator can be found in the green area with the camp above the big desert if I remeber correctly

    Monster 38 can be found west of Ortia town. In the northern part of the forest there is a hidden 'sundappled path'.
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  8. musicguy

    musicguy Member

    may i ask how to get to shrine of darkness? (already completed game) is it at the cloisters of darkness?

    --> answer it myself.. yes.. haha
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  9. Stug

    Stug Member

    D'oh, apologies, it's Magic Robe - I missed it in shop in Moon Town confusing it with Magical Robes..

    Ok, I've filled in all the blanks below, apart from Protective Gear 23 - pretty sure I've been to every area with a dog nose and can't find it. Got every drop from every monster, so I know it's not that - has anyone got any pointers please?!



  10. drewcantlose

    drewcantlose Member

    i have a question. I am missing one location, first column 2nd from the bottom, I do not know where that is. it is the one right above the tower of the skies.

    Also, is there a good location to grind for reinforcing gems? I am to weak to beat the eve of ... in the center of the mountain range toward the end of the game. I need to get a bunch so I can get holy and revi up for the chicks so I have a chance to finish the game..
  11. Stug

    Stug Member

    That location is "A Lonely Island House" - on the island in the "C" shape at the NE end of the island with Atoli Town. I grinded for reinforcing gems on the far NW desert island - the Laprox drops them as it's rare drop - you can also buy them in the Royal Club.
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  12. moore00

    moore00 New Member

    I've beaten the game, but it still says the royal club is locked. I haven't beaten the guy with Vipers memory yet. What'd I miss?
  13. iammichael1995

    iammichael1995 New Member

    how can i go to the pyramid ?
  14. iammichael1995

    iammichael1995 New Member

    where can i find the pyramid?
  15. iammichael1995

    iammichael1995 New Member

    where can i find the monster 17 and 18
  16. Stug

    Stug Member

    Monsters 17 and 18 are in the pyramid, which you can find in the desert south of Ilga port - it's not marked, you just have to walk until you find it - sort of central in the part which juts out below the port.
  17. fargus81

    fargus81 Member

  18. musicguy

    musicguy Member

    How to get access to royal club? already got back vipers memory now at fantasy station fight final boss.. need to buy some reinforcing gems!
  19. fargus81

    fargus81 Member

    I spent almost 4 hours fighting Deathgators. I went from level 102 to level 137, and used loads of meat flavor. Please confirm that it's actually possible to obtain a death fang. It's driving me crazy!
  20. rmesic

    rmesic Member

    I can confirm it is possible to get the death fang. Confess I don't recall if it was from the gators or not.

    Anyone know where the Oopart between spherical crystal and diamond skull can be found?

    I think I've been everywhere at least six times...
  21. lazybummm

    lazybummm New Member

    Haven't really played any RPGs before. Got this free from the amazon one day and now I have spent over 20 hours on it, lol. I was able to find all the ooparts on my own except for one, the one in Efna town, hidden in the secret stair well of the Inn.

    I needed a little help to get the booster key to fly in the other world, but was able to defeat the phoenixes relatively easily. at lvl 110 or so.

    One thing I still would like to find is monster #19. Any help would be appreciated! I don't think I can get all the items, but would like to find that monster hehe.
  22. lazybummm

    lazybummm New Member

    It's called Earthenware Battery, but I don't recall where I found it.
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  23. musicguy

    musicguy Member

    can anyone advise? :eek:
  24. rmesic

    rmesic Member

    Once you beat the boss you teleport away... you need to head all the way back to that battle area to claim your prize from the chest.

  25. musicguy

    musicguy Member

    thanks :)
    by this boss you don't mean the phoenixes right? you meant the one at cloisters of darkness am i right?
    so i go back there to find a chest? i only went back to the 2 islands to claim the items.
    OK will go back to take a look..thanks!

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