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  1. b33r

    b33r Member

    Hi people.

    Just got my galaxy yesterday. Have to say I'm very impressed.

    Anyway had a quick question about firmware versions and installing before I start trying to update. Is there like a hierarchical list available of the versions and what changes there were etc? I have a read a few things which seem to suggest I7500XXIH8 is the latest? My phone currently shows it has I7500XXII4, is this a particularly old version? what am I missing out on?

    Also what is the easiest method to install, through PC suite or this Odin i have been reading about?


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  2. KlaymenDK

    KlaymenDK Well-Known Member

    Yes, H8 is the latest. I bought my Galaxy two months ago, it had an ever older version (G-something; it's a code that can somehow be converted straight to a date).

    I would say the easiest thing is to use Odin -- but then again I only had the PC suite installed for like 15 minutes, I was appalled by its "blingy" and child-like style. :eek::rolleyes: Mind you, to go to H8 you need to apply the H7 update with a bunch of files, then once more with a single H8 file.

    I have no idea what exactly you're missing, as I couldn't find a change log, but there are bound to be a number of bug fixes and suchlike issues.

    Good luck with it! :)
  3. b33r

    b33r Member

    Yeh i wondered if the letter near the end was increasing hence why it doesn't make sense to me that mine is "I4"? Still a bit confused :confused:

    I've just installed the PC suite, first opinions.... its rubbish! Something happens when I plug it in but my device doesn't show in the update tool, strange. Will give Odin a go tomorrow as can't see me using the functions of PC suite.

  4. cpwood

    cpwood Active Member

    That's interesting, seems you have a newer version than IH8! I=2009 H=August 8=8th release/build. A=1, B=2, C=3, etc... So you have the 4th release from September 2009.

    How's your phone performing with the firmware?

  5. hollowroom

    hollowroom Member

    Are you sure it isn't there in the drop down menu? My PC suite gives me the "Device not recognised" error, but I can update it fine.
  6. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    mate dont flash that,
    it seems you are running newer firmware than the h8
    where is this device from (country/operator)
    actually you dont, you just need odin, the orion file and use the one package option in odin and you can go straight to h8 from any version

    however i would avoid this for now as it seems you are running a firmware people are not aware of and seems to be new
  7. b33r

    b33r Member

    Extremely well, it has rebooted itself once on me and the battery life is.. OK, it died within 24 hours but that was with heavy use of all the "wireless functions".

    I've spent the last couple of evenings just learning how to use it and doing a lot of reading, only today am I actually gonna start installing some apps lol

    Yeh just the drives (I and H) appear in PC suite, nothing else seems to think the phone is there.

    UK, O2, bought in store on 17th (they said the delivery had arrived about an hour before i came in)
  8. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    thats brand new firmware. prior to the one you were on o2 had h6 software

    can you go to settings and about and give the firmware, base etc

    i think we need to get this man to do a nandroid backup :p
  9. b33r

    b33r Member

    Fireware version: 1.5

    Baseband version: I7500XXII4

    Kernal version: 2.6.27 hudson@andy #1

    Build Number: 76XXCSDCBALUM6375

    This probably explains why i got no results googling my basband version lol

    Sure if ya tell me what to do, lol. Would the backup get all my settings, contacts, messages etc?
  10. hollowroom

    hollowroom Member

    Hmm thats weird. Can you post what is in the Update section of PC suite (both NPS and Phone Update) as this will tell us if it's a new version of PC suite too.
  11. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    you need to put the device into development mode (settings>applications>development) then pc suite will see it
    make sure when its connected, you pull down the notification bar on the galaxy and click mount.

    nandroid is a little more than a backup utility it makes an img of your device.
    we need someone who knows how to pull and image and convert it so people can flash their phones with it.
    next level stuff though and i wont recommend it at all if you dont know what you are doing.
    i dont know what im doing lol, jus wanting the latest firmware
  12. ressu

    ressu Well-Known Member

    If someone can get me the boot.img, system.img and possibly the original recovery.img (optional), it should be a piece of cake to whizz up an OTA package which should be flashable by the modified recovery image.

    data.img, userdata.img and dbdata.img are the ones containing your data.

    So, nandroid away! I'd love to see the new firmware as well.
  13. sephail

    sephail Active Member

    I think it'd be great if we could get the UK O2 (not VIA) CSC file. I haven't seen it around yet. (If anyone else has, please correct me!)

    I've seen NPS download the update file even when the phone doesn't need to be updated. So, b33r, here's something you could try:
    Start NPS, connect your phone, and keep NPS running with your phone detected in its silly interface. Then, browse to C:\Program Files\Samsung\Samsung New PC Studio and run NPSMitsBinaryUpgrade.exe manually. It'll detect your phone and attempt to download the update file (it won't actually do anything until after the file is downloaded and will prompt you before it flashes). Don't let it flash your phone! If you get to that prompt after the download, stop! Browse to C:\Documents and Settings\[your user]\Application Data\Samsung\New PC Studio\LinuxMitsBU\x\[some long funky string]\ and copy the .tar file out of there! (NPS will try to delete it after you close the updater.)

    If you actually get to that point, let us know! (And kindly upload the file somewhere ;-))

    It may or may not help to have the latest version of NPS:

    Download Center SAMSUNG


    Download Center SAMSUNG
  14. sephail

    sephail Active Member

    I've confirmed that NPC 1.3.0 does NOT let me download the firmware upgrade, while 1.2.0IF2_2 does. (1.3.0 tells me I can upgrade, but fails at downloading the file.) I don't know why, perhaps 1.3.0 has added some type of locality check (I'm doing this from the US). Either way, try this before upgrading, if you haven't already.

    Either way, it doesn't look to have II4 as an update with the CSC files I have. Can someone in the UK with the UK CSC files try this?
  15. cpwood

    cpwood Active Member

    b33r - any chance you could let me know your current CSC version? You can find this by using New PC Studio (see an example screenshot here:

    I think I've worked out how to construct the URLs for Galaxy firmware downloads direct from Samsung (i.e. where NPS / NPSMitsBinaryUpgrade.exe gets its download from). I'll not post it here just yet in case I've got it all wrong!

  16. b33r

    b33r Member

    Right, apologies for my slow response, have just been doing a lot of playing with the new toy!

    hollowroom: Version is 1.3.0 IH4 and I can't bring up other tab

    Rastaman-FB: Have tried every combination I can think of, the device appears now in NPS but just get the unsupported device messages like I've posted at the bottom

    sephail: Have tried the manual update with NPSMitsBinaryUpgrade.exe, but when it tries to download it just says 'No file to download' and exits :( and the LinuxMitsBU folder never appears.

    cpwood: I've upgraded my version of PC studio to 1.3.0 IH4 and enabled USB debugging on the device and hacked the android SDK inf so I can install the extra driver that windows wants but am still having my earlier issue of 'device not supported' in NPS :( so I can't bring up that tab you sent a screen of. All I get is:



    What is a CSC version exactly, would it be something I'd be able to get off the device?
  17. cpwood

    cpwood Active Member


    Does it have your CSC code in "Settings" on your phone? Perhaps near your baseband?

  18. sephail

    sephail Active Member

    Most people seem to get that "Device not supported" error in the NPS GUI. I don't know how to reproduce a case where it works.

    Out of curiosity, have you tried updating (manually) with NPS 1.2.0 to see if you can get past that "No file to download" error?
  19. ressu

    ressu Well-Known Member

    You can find out the information people are craving for by entering *#*#44336#*#* as a phone number. It's the easiest way to find out the CSC version.
  20. b33r

    b33r Member

    Cool, that seems to work, is there like a directory of all these codes? I know about the 4636 one for the advanced battery information view.

    Anyway the CSC version code is: I7500O2UII3. It has a build time of Sep 12th 01:12:21 KST so they were bloody quick getting it to the shops as I only got it on the 17th.

  21. ressu

    ressu Well-Known Member

  22. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    does anyone know any way or anyone to get that CSC build and firmware version.
    takes the piss that there is no way to get it.
    im on h8 with via csc (o2 germany) on a uk device, im raging a little as people say csc doesnt affect much but it does, it affects the market

    it confuses me that recently all the csc's coming out are euro builds and not uk :(
  23. ressu

    ressu Well-Known Member

    You can get it by dialing *#*#44336#*#* (see my post above)

    CSC Mostly affects the presets on the phone. Market data appears to be collected from the phone properties (like the network you are on and so forth). You can fake these properties (assuming you have rooted your phone) with Market Enabler. It allows you to access Market content targeted for different areas.

    market-enabler - Project Hosting on Google Code
  24. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    i meant to get a flash build of this software as previously uk software has been ignored and pressumed that via (o2 germany) is the same when its not
    uk people will benefit from a uk csc rom.

    before the flash i could access stuff on the market that i cannot now as i was told the csc didnt really matter as it only held settings. its not the case as now i cannot access certain market apps that i could before.

    im not planning on rooting my phone yet, i just want some uk software to put back on my phone as ill never be able to update to a uk rom via NPS cos of the german CSC
  25. cpwood

    cpwood Active Member

    Well I managed to figure out how to download different firmwares directly from Samsung without using NPS, but they're encrypted zip files so I can't get into them.

    There doesn't seem to be a download for I4 yet.

    In case there's another programmer that wants to pick up the pieces:

    - here's an example file:
    - as you can see, the URL consists of the CSC code and the firmware version, followed by . If you change it to use other known combinations of CSC and firmware, you get a download. If you try something that doesn't exist, you get a 404.
    - given a list of known mobile operators (e.g. O2U, VIA, ITV) and awareness of how Samsung numbers its releases (e.g II4 is the 4th release in September 2009), you could brute force checks for new firmware in nested loops based on HTTP response codes (i.e. 200 = found, 404 = not found).
    - FUSCrypt.dll seems to be used to decrypt the files. This is a COM+ DLL. I managed to get it to encrypt a file and then decrypt it again, but I can't get it to decrypt the Samsung file. It needs a public key and a symmetric key to work, but the Import key routines don't seem to work :confused: The only way I could decrypt my own encrypted files was to regenerate the keys again using the exact same known values as during encryption.
    - You might be able to use Fiddler2 to monitor the HTTP traffic between NPS and the update server, but it seems to be RSA-encrypted so I'm not sure how much you'd be able to glean.

    Ho hum.. Guess we just wait for firmware updates via the usual routes: NPS and the various files that the good folks here post every now and then.


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