Please help: I Bricked my Triumph using "[GUIDE] 100% Stock Motorola Triumph *Newb Proof*"

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  1. CertifiedNewb

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    I think it says something about my lack of aptitude that I bricked my phone using a Newb Proof guide.

    I followed the guide [GUIDE] 100% Stock Motorola Triumph *Newb Proof*
    which referenced ClockworkMod Recovery for Motorola Triumph
    and Default 100% Stock NANDROID backup, and stock recovery.
    I successfully replaced the factory recovery.img with CWM Recovery I extracted Stock_Triumph_1980-01- to my SD card. Here's where I think I screwed up: I misunderstood the directions, "look for mounts. First format system, data, cache, and under advanced format dalvik cache..." I didn't realize I was supposed to enter the mounts directory. I selected the options from the main menu that I thought corresponded. I think I selected "wipe data/factory reset" and "wipe cache partition" before restoring from the stock nandroid. The restoration log is as follows:

    CWM-based Recovery v5.5.0.4
    Checking MD5 sums...
    Erasing boot before restore...
    Restoring boot image...
    Restoring system...
    Restoring data...
    .android_secure.img not found. Skipping restore
    of /sdcard/.android_secure.
    Restoring cache...
    sd-ext.img not found. Skipping restore of /sd-ext.

    Restore complete!

    When I power off and power on, the phone doesn't get past the screen with the red M. However, I am still able to enter CWM-based Recovery.

    I've tried to redo the process a number of times with the same result. I've even tried following suggestions such as being careful to extract all files directly to their locations rather than extracting followed by drag-and-drop, etc. On the thread Exclamation [FIX]Mobile Partition - Fix For Phone Wont Boot, TheGeekRedneck explained that there are two models of triumph. I have the later model (with six barcodes behind the battery rather than seven). Next I intend to try to install a non-factory rom to see if I can get the phone working that way, but I would prefer to use the factory rom.

    It looked like a couple people have had a similar issue, but I couldn't find a post with directions on how to resolve the issue.

    I've read the following threads:

    [GUIDE] 100% Stock Motorola Triumph *Newb Proof*

    ClockworkMod Recovery for Motorola Triumph

    Default 100% Stock NANDROID backup, and stock recovery

    Exclamation [FIX]Mobile Partition - Fix For Phone Wont Boot

    Reload this Page [GUIDE] Installing CWM and a custom ROM on the Motorola Triumph

    I would be very grateful for any help.

  2. try a aftermarket rom like cm7.

    the stock rom has loads of bugs and is NOT recommended.
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  3. CertifiedNewb

    CertifiedNewb Member

    shmackshmack: Do you know which aftermarket rom would be the most stable? Would I simply use CWM to install the rom from zip?
  4. CertifiedNewb

    CertifiedNewb Member

    I was able to get my phone back up!

    I googled "custom rom bricked phone" and read the article "How Do I Fix My Bricked Android Phone?" on lifehacker. I searched Android forums for something along the lines of "Triumph sbf" and found the Complete Stock Triumph Rom at the thread [ROM]Bone Stock & Stock Deodex ROM's Triumph-Now Resets Splash.img!! I loaded the zip with a card reader, entered recovery mode, Wiped Dalvik Cache, wiped the cache partition, then did a factory reset. After this I installed the rom from zip and voila!
  5. u were never "bricked"

    thats just a buzzword for a phone that cant boot into the OS with no normal recovery method. but the triumph has an unlocked bootloader so its easy to replace some deep low level files to repair the phone.

    again, i would not recommend the stock rom.

    that is the best CM7 rom out right now.

    looking at the known problems list

    1. most people rarely ever use HDMI.
    2. there is no real reason you should have bluetooth and wifi on at the same time, unless you are using a BT keyboard and mouse and HDMIing out to a monitor, in which case this rom isnt for you.
    3.portrait mode video flicker. looks annoying but, personally, on a gigantic screen like this, why wouldnt you flip the phone sideways to watch a few minutes of video and flip back to portrait when done.
    4. CM7 has an option where u can change the brightness by sliding your finger across the status bar. its WAY better than auto brightness.
  6. AntimonyER

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    I moved this to the All Things Root section. Thanks for understanding. :)
  7. thebryceee

    thebryceee Well-Known Member

    This phone has trouble restoring froyo based ROMs, well mine anyway. It would restore but not go past the boot image (the motorola M).

    What I did was after I restored the nandroid, don't reboot. Clear caches and reflash the same ROM as you just tried restoring.

    Worked for me.
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  8. CertifiedNewb

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    -> Shmackshmack: After posting, I realized that I was not, in fact, bricked. Because I appreciate precision in speech, and because we're in a technical forum, I should have edited the post once I realized my mistake. But I was too tired/lazy :)
  9. CertifiedNewb

    CertifiedNewb Member

    I don't quite understand what you're saying. Do you mean that I should restore with barnito's nandroid file (Stock_Triumph_1980-01-, clear the cache, then flash b_randon14's rom (Stock Triumph ROM)? (b_randon14's rom is based on barnito's nandroid.)

    If this is what you're saying, then that's pretty much exactly what I ended up doing and it worked.

    If this is what you meant, could you extrapolate so that I understand why it worked. If it's not, could you clarify.
  10. jmulvay

    jmulvay Well-Known Member

    Thanks that happend to me too when I used the stock nandroid method and I ended up bricking my triumph. Wont boot past the start up screen. The direction are pretty minute n seem to leave steps out. Well my fone boots into fast down load, and somewhat cwm works. Any help is appriciated
  11. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    I just want to clarify, so that people know what happened when they read this. CWM recovery has issues restoring Froyo backups, I have helped many people with the same exact problem. Just use and you will not have this issue with nandroid backups. It is a spontaneous bug that just happens sometimes in
  12. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    Just so you know, the Stock ROM with splash wipes everything so you cannot flash it after a restore and keep your info on the phone. It is the only ROM that I know of that wipes everything. Just wanted to give you a heads up as I have seen you post this before and the OP was trying to go stock. Also I don't believe it is the phone having issues, it is recovery related. Thanks for sticking around and helping people out. Hows the new phone?
  13. wafflecow

    wafflecow Well-Known Member

    Hey guys... Having trouble with trying to make this work. I placed the zip file on the sd card root via card reader also but every time I try to use it on recovery mode I get "installation aborted" what am I doing wrong?
  14. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    We need more information. What recovery are you using, what .zip file???

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