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  1. leegotti

    leegotti Member

    someone told me NOT to enhance the card before evolving it, but wouldn't it be smarter to enhance it as much as possible before each evolution. Because once you evolve, everything goes back to 1.
    I tested it out and i evolved two skeletons (without enhancing) and the stats were 200 atck and 300 defense.
    Then, I enhanced a skeleton. THEN i evolved the skeleton i enhance, and the stats of THAT evolved card was 210 attack and 325 defense.
    So the way I figure is if I enhance a card as much as possible, and then EVOLVE that card. I can start all over with the 2nd evolution, and it will be stronger. Then by the time I get to the max evolution, it will be stronger opposed to if I did not enhance it at all?
    If someone retorts this, please explain as detailed as you can as to WHY I should wait until its max enhancement before evolving. and find me on rage of bahamut, my name is leegotti.
    Thanks and good luck.

  2. pchanx69

    pchanx69 New Member

    IMO regarding enhancements/evolution.

    If you evolve your enhancements to max before evolving your target card and then stack that 3 times for each evolution u do get a stronger Final Form.

    in regards to blue treasures from what i read on other forums and my experience they are rarer drops than the treasures (meaning they dont appear on the quest as a potential drop [that gold square u see with the question mark at the bottom of the quests]) and so they are harder to get because u cant grind specifically for them. I am currently at the tablet completing all the treasures before. What i found most helpful with this was finding all the other treasures first saving the yellow and blue for the end (not sure why yellow but for some reason yellow key was really hard to get and keep) then get yellow and then camp out check the game every 5-10 minutes and attack anyone with a blue key after that its just really all luck whether u'll find someone u can beat that unluckily stumbled on a blue key before completion.

    Hope that helped.
  3. fel2941

    fel2941 Active Member

    I believe only certain people(random i assume) can get blue's from quests, and thats the issue.

    Side note: Selling blue keys/tablets/medals as i can farm(and have for my order) directly from quest!

    Note: If you recieve a blue(insert type) as a present, you can LEAVE IT in your presents until you have the other 5, and it cannot be stolen while it is there
  4. Grasq

    Grasq New Member

    how do you get the High Rare & up CP claim tickets? seen them in shop but there is no info on it. that and what are the chances of getting high rares and srares out of the daily friendship packs? i figured they were the more basic cards.
  5. Samanzee

    Samanzee New Member

    In RoB when I go to evolve a card, I understand that if you use a max level card to evolve another card, you get a 10% stat carryover instead of 5%. HOWEVER I was wondering if you use 2 max level cards for evolution, does it get you 10% carryover from each card?

    My evolution screen looks like this:

    Succubus: Maturity MAX
    ATK: 5600 DEF:4380
    (10% of ATK/DEF retained!)
    Succubus: Maturity MAX
    ATK: 5600 DEF: 4380
    (10% of ATK/DEF retained!)

    As opposed to the same situation where a Succubus of 0% maturity and level is being enhanced by a MAX level succubus.

    Succubus: Maturity 0%
    (5% of ATK/DEF retained!)
    Succubus: Maturity MAX
    (10% of ATK/DEF retained!)

    Has anyone crunched the numbers to find out if the 2nd situation results in 5% less stats than the first one?

  6. leegotti

    leegotti Member

    should i raise my defense and/or attack power even though I can make a full deck below that number?
    In other words.....Is there any benefit to having more def and atck power other than power points?
  7. arius26

    arius26 New Member

    The only advantage, I see is that you can double the attacks on a person if your attack power is double than the atack power used.
    For example my attack deck uses 91 attack points and my attack power is at 182, therefore I can attack twice before having to used a holy powder. hope that helps
  8. Noctamid

    Noctamid New Member

    The " Nobunaga the ruthless " card, does anyone know from where I Can get that?
  9. Amdion

    Amdion New Member

    Im trading a Guinevere High Rare Man Big boost to DEF (all) for an Ark Dragon, My RoB is Amdion and you can find me in fellow request as a lvl 46 Demon.
  10. Azguyazguy

    Azguyazguy New Member

    I will trade Princess rare cards for other rare cards, Find me in game azguyazguy I'm always willing to help out.
  11. jruz

    jruz New Member

    Has anyone encountered not being able to find a specific username in game? I convinced my friend to try the game out however we can't seem to find each other in the game even though we're already friends in the mobage.
  12. itsjustmarc

    itsjustmarc New Member

    Hello just gonna add something some people don't seem to grasp that you need Def points if you have a low def you will get raped in battle you have more people attacking you then you are attacking others keep that in mind.

    just saying I'm only lvl 21 and I rape higher lvls because they think having 100+ on atk makes you stronger...

    Stamina - points need to complete quest to lvl yourself more you have faster you lvl and finish quest.

    Attack - Every card has a atk requirement to be played on in your atk deck for attacking other player. I strongly suggest limiting yourself to adding a redundant amount of points. Think ahead before you start boosting atk what is your best 5 card requirement and set it to the exact total you can double it later on. Trust me its worth it! around 70 is a perfect amount if you are around lvl 20 with 100+ atk I'm gonna just laugh at you.

    Defense - Strongly suggest you build a defense deck with cards with def buffs. If you have between 10 - 50 points on defense chances are you will get attacked and lose alots of battles you wanna make sure you can play 5 strong cards to increase your defense. Use a normal evolved card with good defense and enhance it to add on some defensive points with reg like 3 - 7. Remember you have more people attacking you a day then you attacking others.

    if you like me to test your build send me your username and ill battle you.
  13. fel2941

    fel2941 Active Member

    Except defense you only lose some rupies and treasure, and your more likely to benefit from attacking(this last event prime example) then holding onto a few extra rupies and treasures.
  14. itsjustmarc

    itsjustmarc New Member

    Your K/D must be shot to hell if you honestly think rupies and treasures are all you got to lose. I wouldn't want 50/2039 K/D lol I would want 2039/50 I have my attack and def the same so my atk deck is 26k and def is 23k and my def deck is the same. Plus I haven't even max lvled my cards in the deck but like 1 or 2 I think.

    you def doesn't need to recharge you get like 1/5 atk/def maybe 1/3 atk/def on a daily basis unless you are on the yesterday thing cus i attack every guy who shows up on yesterdays winner so people may do the same.
  15. FrickNFitz

    FrickNFitz New Member

    hey ive been swamped with camelot gaurds (strong man cards) both of the rare and high normal type. Looking for just about anything high normal or above for them to expand my archive so if you need a few or just want the strongest version right away trade me!!!
    Name is FrickNFitz - can add me as a fellow

    PS will make any trade that i feel is fair and useful to me
  16. Tokkie

    Tokkie New Member

    Well couple of questions

    1) when you evolve just using max cards the final form max card, would the stats be higher than not evolving max cards?

    2) when enhancing cards, do the cards stats raise by a preset number, or are the stats effected by the cards you used to enhance the card with.

    3)I really wanna know about #2 because I would use defense cards on defense and attack cards on attack if the cards you effect it
  17. bigdogdan2

    bigdogdan2 Active Member

    For any beginners, you can get bonus cards and money for the game by using one of the bonus code in the bonus code forum, any of the codes will work.
    Rage of Bahamut - Share Your Code
  18. xXBristonXx

    xXBristonXx Member

    Awesome game, great pass time. Addictive. And greats GMs and events

    The game is split into many section

    - Referral Codes
    - Battle
    - Missions
    - Trading
    - Free gifts
    - Order
    - War
    - Enhancing
    - Fellows
    - Alignment
    - Stats
    - Tips
    - Fun Facts


    Don worry i am not going to post my codes here. Just going to explain what it does.
    It does both good to the owner and the one that typed it. Owner of the code will get free rare card called princess which last form is an SS rare with effect of Great boost to att/def.
    For the one who typed it will get an rare god card. Is strong in the early game. But as you play on you will realize that it is weak. But what matter most is the free 100k. It can be donate to make your order stronger and helps a lot in enhancing your cards!


    Is an option where you can challenge other players. With the choice of players around your levels. Treasure that you have yet to get in the set you discovered.
    Or rivals, which i am not sure of. (Its just random players)

    Which consume your attack power that is required by the deck you made or the recommended deck


    Is an option where you will kill some monster just by tapping it. And receive a reward at the end of it. Every chapters there is 5 parts and one boss. Every parts is redo-able up to unlimited times. Where else the boss is only a single time.
    For the parts of missions. Upon completion you will receive a reward of a card for any race or golds or treasure if there is. The amount of stamina consume for every single mission is written there times 3x to 5x.
    Below the mission will show you what rewards you can get from that particular mission. Red is for demon, blue for man, green for god, yellow for treasure and silver for cards in the next few chapters.
    (The silver box could replace anyone of blue,green and yellow box, which ever it replaces the card you will get from those boxes belonging to silver will be that race.)


    The bread and butter of this game. The only way for NON-cashers (cashers are people that spent real money for the game) to get good card or items like holy power etc. Also a way to get the card you wanted to replace for those you do not want.
    A person can request or be requested up to 5 trades at a time.
    They could trade any cards, holy powder, cure water and rupiees.


    Self explanatory. At certain time there will be a reset to the daily timer for free gift. (Mine is at 6pm at -8:00 )
    Players will get free 400 friendship points will can be spent at card shop to get friendship card packs. (each cost 200)
    Also a 5000 rupiess for you to enhance with or donate to your order .


    Order creation requirement is written in game. (Fyi lv 20 with a certain amount of fellows)
    Order is like your typical online game called guild/clan etc.

    The max amount of member you can have in an order is unlimited.
    An order can provide you with boost to your deck. (5% of any races)
    There is also an order group chat build in.

    Ok, this may get confusing. Please bear with me.
    In an order there is one simple thing. Donations. (Where members donate rupiees)

    Donation made can be in any amount and there is a ranking and a log for it.
    Donation also can be in a form of treasure. (If you had extra that is) And those treasures will be convert to rupiees when you donate it.

    All those donation you made will be used by the order leader. To make walls for wars (explain later) ,to build booster that will boost your decks in fight (5% of attack or defense). Or to upgrade the order lv to provide more slot for newcomers to join the order.


    As what it sounds like. A battle between your order and all the rest.
    Every order will have a leader, a vice-leader, up to 5? attack leaders and defense leaders.

    The system of war is simple. Any member of the order you are in can declare on any other people that is in an order. And then the two order will be in a 1 hour long fight with each other. (During this time, no other order can declare war on those that are in war)

    To access the fight simply just press on the event icon. (Usually in the middle of my page) or got to your order page and click something* war beside the donation button.

    Then you will access the list of member of the order you are having a war with.

    There are few things you can attack during a war. Namely their walls, Leader, vice leader, attack leaders, and defense leaders. To earn points!

    Points are earned for every successful attack you made on an order after a war declaration is made.

    Walls can be attacked at anytime of time after declaration. (Low points will be earned, around 20+) After the walls is brought down. You can directly attack the castle. Which will earn you more points. Also there is a bonus of 100 points for the last person that brought the wall down.
    Like i said earlier. During war you can attack the leaders etc right? For winning leaders the point you earned will be multiply by 1.5x ! For vice-leader, attack leaders and defense leaders. They will earned you 1.2x extra points.
    BUT Before you can attack any members of an order. Your order have to bring down any defense leader in the opposing order. (To stop them from protecting their other members)

    Being an attack leader will give you a boost to your attack power when attacking the opposing order.
    Being an defense leader will give you a boost to your defense power when being attacked by the opposing order.


    The most important factor to make you strong. Its written in the previous few posts so please take a look at it.

    So in short, i will write a short info on it.

    **Max enhance cards used to evolve will retain 10% of its stats while partially ones will retain 5%.

    To get a card to the max potential you will need 8 of its basic forms card
    all max enhance and evolve and enhance again.
    8 (1st form) >> 4 (2nd form) >> 2 (3rd form) >> 1 (4th form)
    Its going to cost you a bomb but its worth.

    Check here>> The 8 card evolve (Explanation for using of 8 card enhancing evolving)
    (All credits to the creator) and thanks to pcube fr showing the link

    For those who are unsure... if u don max enhance your card before evolving and got it to the last form then max enhance. You will lose as much as 40% of attacks and defense or even more!

    For those lazy bummer. You could just get 4 of its basic form. It does give you a decently good card. Also kinda save tons of money.

    Imho, its best to do max potential cards with those that basic forms that are rares
    and higher.

    *Some cards DO NOT have any forms at all. Which mean they cant be evolve at all.

    Above are ways to increase its power. Do you know you can also increase your cards skill levels?
    To do it just use cards that have skills to enhance your cards. The percentage of success will be written at the confirmation page slightly above the card pictures. (Max enhance cards can still be enhance by cards with skills, even though it doesn't get anymore exp but the level of skills can still be rise)
    To be more precise you can use any cards with skill in them to enhance another card that has a skill and its the one that you want to improve on.

    Take note that after you rise the skill level, when you evolve it. The card doesn't retain its skill level. It will be reset-ted. So its best to do it at the last form.


    Doesn't do much. But adding them helps you to keep track of their activity. And when you send a support to them you will get 8 friend ship points instead of 4 from the public. Also have one more fellow will also earn you 5 more stats points!


    There are 3 form of stats. 1>> Stamina 2>> Attack Power 3>> Defense Power.

    -Stamina is used for missions. Nothing else.

    -Attack Power is used for battles.(During war or normal fights) Also the limiter for cards to be equip in your attack deck. Attack power will be drained according to your deck requirement. The stronger card you have (according to rarity, the higher it is the more it drain.)

    -Defense Power is used to equip cards in you deck up to how much defense you have. The amount of defense power that will be minus away depend on how strong your opponent attack is. But only a max of 5 point will be minus away for every attack made.

    Every stats will recover in a min for each point. Or lesser depend on your archive level for the one that will unlock the next level when you have enough enhance card made.


    You think it doesn't affect? Think again. During an attack or defense it will permanently boost the cards that is in your alignment. By how much? That is not confirmed. But its safe to say a minimum of 2% stats. Its also increases the chance of the same alignment card to activate its skill more often!


    Need rupiees?
    -Easiest way>>>through battle. Earn up to 10k
    -Wait....go to your latest missions.(They give more rupiees per staminaa as the go to higher chapters) Get those cards and sell. At chapter 16* plus. Each card you gained from mission worth 3k rupiees each.
    -Sell Golden Dragon. Each sold for 30k to npc. (Neutral playing computer)
    -Sell treasures. Especially blue colored ones. Those are the rarest of every single treasure types. (Starting from keys series)

    Cant seem to win a battle?
    Is your card max evolve?
    Is it max enhanced?
    No? then do it quickly
    Sometimes when you fight someone with higher defense point than your attack point doesn't mean you will lose. As defense points has TOTALLY no affect in a battle. It only let you equip better card that's all. (My attack required is 72, which sometimes win 100+ defense points one)

    Its recommended that you have just enough defense point stats pumped (added) to equip your card in the defense deck and the rest into attack. Also a little to stamina which depends on how often you online.


    Do you know that if someone is your fellow, when they battle you. It doesn't count towards you win/lose rate. (But it still drain your attack power stamina)
    Do you know that if you send a support message to one person and click on the support message's link to another person and send it to them again. (Repeat 10 times)
    You will get plenty of trade request and support message for the next 1 hour. (When i say plenty i mean MANY)
    You can find low levels to trade with by not maxing your fellows and use the search fellows function. Wink Wink. :)

    Well that's all for starters. Sorry for being lengthy and pardon my English if you may as its not my first language. If there is any mistake please do correct me. Will edit accordingly.
    Lastly support me :)
  19. bigdogdan2

    bigdogdan2 Active Member

    For those that have maxed out your cards, what are you using to feed/enhance your cards? I try to use basic cards since they are easy to get, but it gets so expensive in rupies that I run out of rupies. And its hard to use rarer cards cause I don't get them as often.
  20. bigdogdan2

    bigdogdan2 Active Member

    awsome guide briston! just read it now after refreshing the page.
    Can you elaborate on enhancing skills? I was unaware of this, can you give examples?

    For example high pixe has medium atk/def for god cards, that can be increased? With which cards?
  21. Do you still get any bit of bonus if you evolved patially enhanced cards?
  22. bigdogdan2

    bigdogdan2 Active Member

    no bonus for partially enhanced cards. merging cards will take 5% of the base atk/def of the card. If you enhance the card to the max level of that card then you'll get 10% instead of 5% of the base atk/def of the base of the card you are merging
  23. xXBristonXx

    xXBristonXx Member

    Thanks :D Regarding your question. You can use any cards that have skill to enhance your high pixie. You do not need any specific levels, alignment or form. For you to used that card to enhance other cards.

    Almost missed out your word on examples....

    Lets say you wan to improve your high shaman skill (medium boost to att/def(all)) you can use high pixie to enhance it (1st form) or shaman to enhance or any card of your choice with a skill.

    *Higher the rarity higher the chance of success to increase your card skill level...same thing apply to the form the card used to enhance with
  24. xXBristonXx

    xXBristonXx Member

    Tip for you...at starting max enhance high normal cards n max evolve it.
    When maxed it can reach up to 8k attacks!
    For Demons use Dragon
    For Human use High Camelot guard
    For God use Atlas

    After you are done.. use them to attack other players... (90% of the time you will win) battle is the easiest way to earn rupiees. Can earn up to 10k rupeeis per battle won.

    Other wise...find high level players to trade with.....they will buy cards with rupiees....Example high norm is bought around 10k while rare is around 50k.....

    To get rare card or higher...you may like to use max enhance card of lower rarity and trade for them...or 4 to 6 of lower rarity to trade for a higher ones
  25. bigdogdan2

    bigdogdan2 Active Member

    If you have the same card multiple times in your deck, do the effects stack? Say if your defending with 3 princesses, does each one use their special skill and stack?

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