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[ROM][WIP] CyanogenMod 7 | Android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread) | Current Version: 09122011

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  1. playaller

    playaller Member

    Sinner that statement won't apply to all Ascends. There seems to be some major differences in the way the MMS is fetched from the phones of the same model or type. Once you enter the system's APN editor it's going to require a APN in order to save. #777 works just fine so that shouldn't really be a concern anyways. I really wouldn't use it as I use APN editor and it actually shows the list. Even importing a backed up copy of the APN from the factory state into CM7 does not work and if that's the case then there are going to be problems.

    I have CM7 correctly flashed and working fine. After rebooting into the sytem and then rebooting to flashing MetroOff, rebooting, opening APN Manager and changing the 27 to 16, I am able to send and receive txt, send picture messages to any carrier but only receive them from Metro PCS members (even by sending them to myself). I cannot receive them from any other carrier or source. There seems to be a glitch or hole in the ROM update for our m860 model/type that is preventing the mms from fetching the data from outside carriers.

    There doesn't seem to be a quick resolution because not everyone has this issue with their ascend so by default most are quick to say we didn't do something right.

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  2. kevinrubio

    kevinrubio Well-Known Member

    so am i good to go? like does it work when it dissapears?
    or i make the new settings and then delete the proxy information?
  3. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    should work right after you flash metro off, and you dont have to edit apn, all the settings for mms to work is inside the .zip package that you flash which is metro off v3, cricket users dont have to use that cause there carrier info was built inside of the latest build which is 0521, and with cm6 both carriers info was built inside the latest build, so mms should be working after flash cm6 for both carriers.
  4. Anduiril

    Anduiril Well-Known Member

    I just wanted to say Thank You for reminding everyone that all Ascends are not created equal. My first Ascend was a "Lazy" Ascend and I know from personal experience how frustrating it is to go "It's working for everyone else, what am I doing Wrong?" (15 times flashing CM6 before I realized it WAS the phone).

    Kevin, there are several other very knowledgeable people in this forum and between us we will get your mms working (and possibly help a few others out too) as quick as we can. But mms is quirky. I just got my HTC Incredible flashed ( for voice and text only from Metro) today and after some fixing I got it to send and receive earlier today but it didn't send one tonight (I'm running CM7 on it too)! It could be a network problem or something too. I gave you my contact info in a PM, so we can test. I can put my Ascend back on my account if needed, I know it works.
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  5. kennyiskarazy

    kennyiskarazy Well-Known Member

    I cannot no matter how much I try, find some way of getting swype with my cm7, I even got the new version 05212011 Can someone help? I really miss swype. Everything else is perfect on this beside the texting.
  6. tony442

    tony442 Well-Known Member

    yes as always...sad to see such an abrupt parting but i guess when ya gotta go you gotta go...time to start looking for a new phone lol;)

    Anyone have a DROID X or LG OPTIMUS V they would like to sell?
  7. tony442

    tony442 Well-Known Member

    try downloading "Slide IT", it's got the same concept as swype but i think its a little more responsive and better on the predictive text. plus, it has voice recognition and graffiti, which allows you to draw the letters instead of typing them
  8. I ROOTED MY huawei acsend and everything was working fine but i noticed that i couldn't send any picture messages can anyone help me i have the cyangen 7 mod
  9. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    Did you go to the web site and sign up for the beta? I think thats the only way to get it.
  10. mdside71

    mdside71 Well-Known Member

    Did you flash the metro off zip to the phone?
  11. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    if your with cricket and mms dont work try rebooting a couple of times or wait a while and make sure its not the carrier or your not in a bad reception area, and if your with metro you have to flash metro off v1.3.
  12. ElasticNinja

    ElasticNinja Well-Known Member

    Very sad to hear that Isaac has left

    I presume he still has sources up right?
  13. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    yes...:) and links are still active.
  14. ElasticNinja

    ElasticNinja Well-Known Member

    Perhaps you could make a bounty for whoever fixes up it and gets it accepted into CM
    If anyone's running Linux it may be worth compiling it yourselves for V8 Browser Engine update
  15. Ascend_45204

    Ascend_45204 Well-Known Member

    anyone know how to get the 05142011 build?
  16. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

  17. Carlos1986

    Carlos1986 Well-Known Member

    Some issues Ive noticed with the 5/21 build.
    -Phone does not like interactive @710 max and causes multiple reboots.
    -While in smartass mode running @710 as max eventually causes bootloop.
    -phone lags heavily when music is playing, may be due to the fact I have less than 100mb internal memory.

    My main concern is just the freezing and reboots, I am currently running 122 min and 691 max on smartass and the phone runs fine.

    I am not running any battery saving apps or app killers, maybe I just need to use dark tremors a2sd, any oppinions would be great.

    P.s On the 5/14 build my phone loved the 710 max setting, just on this build I have no clue.
  18. kevinrubio

    kevinrubio Well-Known Member

    i dont think it works, i didnt get your mms and you didnt get mine
  19. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    thats weird, set min to 245, and i use the moving to sd thats on the phone itself, also did you download any apps before the problem started.
    here is another setting that i have on mines also: The Ascend doesn't have a GPU. While I've made tweaks to improve animations, they aren't as smooth as they should be. You can visibly improve UI performance by disabling animations. Go to Settings --> Display --> Animations and set it to "No animations"
    and try interactive governor and see if that help.
  20. Anduiril

    Anduiril Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna reactivate my Ascend and see what I've got wrong.
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  21. Carlos1986

    Carlos1986 Well-Known Member

    Yea Ive downloaded a few apps since updating to 5/21 and I have all animations turned off. The reboots still act up with interactive and the 710 setting so I am just not using them ...I have no clue what the issue could be, I even re-did the install thinking it might have been a bad flash, but no go.
  22. ElasticNinja

    ElasticNinja Well-Known Member

    The Ascend has a GPU

    EDIT: seems it doesn't actually
  23. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    might have been a bad flash, not that you was the one that made it happen or nothing, even i as started out and even up to now with new update have had bad flash and i wasnt the cause of it, it was just one of the ascend dumb moment, but like always make a backup, and flash that baby again, and you can restore you data using this thread in just minutes, well seconds...http://androidforums.com/ascend-all-things-root/335811-data-retrievial-after-flashing-fresh-rom.html
  24. kevinrubio

    kevinrubio Well-Known Member

  25. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    well, a few things I'd like to address here. first, if any bounty is offered it should goto isaac for obvious reasons. Second, I will try to 'maintain' CM7 until isaac feels like picking it back up, if he ever does.

    Even if isaac chooses never to start back on CM7, he still deserves mad propsand appreciation for what he has done with CM6/7 both. If any of you pay attention to the phones out, not many of the highend phones even have 2.3.3 on em, and none have 2.3.4 yet. So even tho the lil ascend isnt a power house of a phone, with CM6/7 is ahead of most phones out, software wise anyhow.
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