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  1. I was just able to turn on wifi tethering on the phone without needing root.

    looks like they left the capability in the phone but just removed the menu from settings.


    I'll post how to do it after I test out a few more things.+

    @@@ Update @@@
    thanks to Silvist for pointing this out.

    A new version of the Wifi Tether app is working with the indulge.

    Im getting 5mb down from the phone to my ipad.

    Under wifi tether app settings
    Change Device-Profile to Samsung Galaxy Indulge
    Change Setup-Method to Auto
    and Access-Control should be off unless you want it and know what it is.

    I ran it on my phone for two and a half hours. The battery went from 86% to 9%. The phone didnt become hot like it did when using barnical. Also by using the settings listed the hotspot will run in infrastructure mode, not Ad-Hoc.

  2. nps531

    nps531 Well-Known Member

    hurry!!! :)
  3. If you get the app "Power Control Plus" Create a custom widget with one of the buttons set to wi-fi tethering.

    You will now have a button to turn wifi tethering on and off. When you turn tethering on after a few seconds you will see androids built in wifi tether icon show up in the notification bar.

    I checked with my wireless device(ipad) and sure enough a new hotspot was visable called AndroidAP.

    But by default it has encryption turned on. I'm going through the source code right now trying to figure out what the default password is. And I have been trying a few other things to try and reset the password to something else. If anyone knows how to crack wifi passwords and wants to give that a go while I trying and figure out a simple way to fix this, please do.

    Hotspot widget also works to do this and is free in the market.
  4. nps531

    nps531 Well-Known Member

    1234567890 maybe
  5. nps531

    nps531 Well-Known Member

    its 2$ for the app?
  6. yes $2 in market (unless you know other ways of getting it)
  7. nps531

    nps531 Well-Known Member

    still trying to figure out the password....
  8. Yeah, I'm at work. Only had an a little time to mess around with it during lunch. I'll continue when I get off in another hour.
  9. nickrussel

    nickrussel Well-Known Member

    I've noticed this wifi hotspot app a little while back and even created a shortcut to the widget and put it on the home screen. somewhere on xda-developers or howardforums somebody had stubled upon it, too. Problem is, of course, encryption. And it's WPA/WPA2, not WEP (or is it?). Folks have tried "metropcs", "mymetropcs", 10digitbumber@metropcs, etc. - to no avail. Common sense tells me that it has to be unique for every unit and then my best guess is that it's created using some sort of algorythm based on IMEI or something else that is specific to every phone. What I was going to suggest instead is, if we can get root access - even if from the command prompt, - can we also inject-install either a pre-configured 3rd party tethering app or at least change the config file for the Android one with our own wpa passphrase? or do we even know where it's located and how the data in there is stored?
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  10. allmanallpimp

    allmanallpimp Well-Known Member

    i'm willing to give it a whirl. i am in michigan, but i don't have an indulge activated. i'm more than willing to meet up and attempt to crack the wpa2 :)
  11. Silvist

    Silvist Well-Known Member

    Woah, I always thought tethering was where you just usb plug in your phone to your laptop to use for internet. But I see playing around with it that it creates its own wifi hotspot to a degree?
  12. yes, the phone becomes a hotspot and any device that connects to it shares its 4G connection.

    Many phones are not capable of this, or can do it only in ad-hoc mode so this is great news.

    The WIFI Hotspot widget also seems to work at turning the phones built in hotspot on and its a free app.
  13. nickrussel

    nickrussel Well-Known Member

    that's right. technically, tethering is the term used for the an ad-hoc situation of a phone-to-computer tether (usually, over usb or bluetooth). However, when I USB-tethered my old phone, it actually served as a DHCP server and assigned an IP address to my computer. Now that there are wireless mobile hotspot options available, even though, it's not tethering anymore, the term "wifi-tether" just stuck to it :)
  14. Silvist

    Silvist Well-Known Member

    Figured out the password yet?
  15. nickrussel

    nickrussel Well-Known Member

    hey, thanks, Mike. Interestingly enough, when I read your first post, I thought you were referring to something that actually came with the phone but had no shortcut visible on home screen or in "all apps". it turns out that this widget that you posted the link to, controls the same built-in android function that metro tried to hide (instead of completely removing?). It can be found through any cut -> Activity -> hotspot toggle. That's how I brought it to home screen anyway...
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  16. Silvist

    Silvist Well-Known Member

    OMG man there's a turn off and turn on LTE SETTING! LTE TEST CHECK IT NOW!!!
  17. Silvist

    Silvist Well-Known Member

    Your the man Nickrussel gonna make a seperate topic about this!
  18. mmaureenn

    mmaureenn New Member

    Ummm, hi. Dunno if this has been tried yet, should've been, but those of us with flashed phones had to use an MSL calculator to convert the phone's MEID to a decimal number and use it as a unique password to access the internet. But, again, I'd be very surprised if that hasn't been tried yet. Thanks for working at it - I wait anxiously for the solution. :)
  19. baysiderider

    baysiderider Well-Known Member

    about a week ago we started trying to break this wpa2 encryption too over on howardforums

    i had downloaded the app HotSpot toggle just messing around with it and i found out that there are hotspot capability's in our phone because it turned on and was visable on my laptop.

    the hotspot toggle app is free but that darn wpa2 encryption is a pain in the arse we have tried

    phone number
    mymetropcs in numeric form
    different variations of the imei

    but yeah those were all a no go LOL
  20. rjsweesy

    rjsweesy Well-Known Member

    did you try 587846?
  21. nickrussel

    nickrussel Well-Known Member

    how did you come up with that?
  22. Yeah I looked at that too, but the key must be 8 characters or more. The settings have to be saved somewhere. If only we knew where the settings where saved, I could then just get a T-Mobile android phone (that allows hotspot), save a password that we know and then take the settings file and drop it into the Indulge.
  23. LogCat readout for tethering.

    D/WifiService( 2460): setWifiApEnabled : true
    E/WifiService( 2460): getWifiApProfileConfiguration
    E/WifiService( 2460): wifiConfig.profileNumber 1
    E/WifiService( 2460): wifiConfig.profileNumber 1
    E/WifiService( 2460): wifiConfig.SSID AndroidAP
    E/WifiService( 2460): authType 1
    E/WifiService( 2460): wifiConfig.preSharedKey null
    E/WifiService( 2460): wifiConfig.hiddenSSID false
    E/WifiService( 2460): wifiConfig.wepTxKeyIndex 0
    E/WifiService( 2460): wifiConfig.wepKeys[wifiConfig.wepTxKeyIndex] null
    E/WifiService( 2460): apMode 1
    E/WifiService( 2460): groupCihper 3
    E/WifiService( 2460): 0
    E/WifiService( 2460): wifiConfig.allow_all_device_checked true
    E/WifiService( 2460): wifiConfig.whiteMacCnt 0
    E/WifiService( 2460): wifiConfig.whiteMacAddr null
    E/WifiService( 2460): wifiConfig.blackMacCnt 0
    E/WifiService( 2460): wifiConfig.blackMacAddr null
    E/WifiService( 2460): persistApConfiguration for profile 1
    I/WifiService( 2460): profileNum 1
    I/WifiService( 2460): wifiConfig.SSID AndroidAP
    I/WifiService( 2460): wifiConfig.hiddenSSID false
    I/WifiService( 2460): wifiConfig.wepTxKeyIndex 0
    I/WifiService( 2460): wifiConfig.wepKeys[wifiConfig.wepTxKeyIndex] null
    I/WifiService( 2460): apMode 1
    I/WifiService( 2460): groupCihper 3
    I/WifiService( 2460): authType 1
    I/WifiService( 2460): wifiConfig.preSharedKey null
    I/WifiService( 2460): 0
    E/WifiService( 2460): wifiConfig.allow_all_device_checked true
    I/WifiService( 2460): wifiConfig.whiteMacCnt 0
    I/WifiService( 2460): wifiConfig.whiteMacAddr null
    I/WifiService( 2460): wifiConfig.blackMacCnt 0
    I/WifiService( 2460): wifiConfig.blackMacAddr null
  24. nickrussel

    nickrussel Well-Known Member

    That's exactly what I've been searching for, Mike. I have a T-Mobile HTC HD2 running Android FroYo 2.2 from HTC Desire. If I knew which file stores wpa passphrase, I'd share that file with everybody...
  25. OptimusSlime

    OptimusSlime Well-Known Member

    Has anyone tried Barnacle? It seems pretty promising, but since i have an Opt M that came stock w/ 2.2.1 I don't think I am fully rooted. "Absolute system" (Program) uses SU mode and I changed my boot animation and PowerOn mp3, but I can't seem to get some things to work. I feel like my phone is the asian kid from Indiana Jones, being pulled between the minecars. ;-)
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