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SuperPad III'sGeneral

Do you own a SuperPad III?

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  3. I'm not sure, but it came in a SuperPad III box.


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  1. smorgan19

    smorgan19 Well-Known Member

    Hey Mikerb,

    Could you confirm how many microSD TF slots there are on your device? It sounds like it may be a flytouch 2 and not a flytouch 3 (SuperPad2/3). Once i hear back from you i'll try to provide a best solution to update your device. If it's a flytouch 2 (2 TF slots) there are 2 ways of updating, via SD card (update.zip) or via Male to Male USB cable using a tool called IUW. If it's a flytouch 3 (only 1 TF slot) then the normal update procedure should work. The same way you update your SuperPad 2 by putting the 2 ROM files on an SD card and boot.

    Also what color is the back of the device? Silver/Black?



  2. mikerb

    mikerb Member

    1 slot TF, back color : silver, on the box "superpad III".

    Can you explain how works IUW if i have for example tim3 or 4 firmware ?

    For me, it sounds a flytouch 3 using the flytouch 2 upgrade things ... oO

    I don't know, thx for your help !
  3. mikerb

    mikerb Member

    Look, on this site solmich have the same problem, IUW, burntool don't work too...

    It's really really weird.
  4. bjellys

    bjellys Member

    smorgan19 Thanks for all the help I have finally updated to Tim3a everything went ok only one problem I have no gallery app , but I am sure I will overcome that.
    So thanks again for passing on your knowledge ,
  5. smorgan19

    smorgan19 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info.

    Is there any chance you have downloaded and installed an App from the Android Market? Or do you know the exact Model of the device?

    If you've downloaded an app from the android market, to get your Device model go to the Android Market using the link below.


    Click "My Market Account" link, then click the settings tab under My Account. Can you tell me what Device Model is listed? Mine is "Wwe10"

    From memory burntool is for the ZT-180.
  6. smorgan19

    smorgan19 Well-Known Member

    After lot's of research. I'd say you have a SuperPad / Flytouch 2. This is why the Tim and TCH custom ROMs won't install off SD card. You also said that you can create a bootable SDcard and boot it but you can't find the right .img's to use. When you turn on the device, do you see numbers down in the bottom corner of the screen? e.g. 0.6.1.x (5xx) etc.

    I've collated 4 roms and utils IUW and WinHex with guides on how to update this device the SWEE10. Unfortuantely it doesn't like you'll be able to load any custom ROMs on it as it requires a different update procedure and also the ramdisk mount locations used in the Flytouch 3 custom ROMS would be different to the Flytouch 2. But hopefully at least we can get the device up and running for you. The download collection is quite large (370mb) because it's got 4 diff ROMs/Firmware/Utilities in it.

    The collection i've collated includes:
    • IUW1.1 English with Instructions
    • IUS Files
      (2.2 v1.8) WWE10B_Android_2_2_V1_8_U0M_GT2005.ius
      (2.2 v1.9) WWE10B_Android_393477-v9full.ius
    • (2.2 v2.1) Main Android 2.2 ROM with Flash 10.1
    • Original old 3245 Firmware (contains zSYS.img)
    • RAM Disk (SmaRkieS - Change the path of save files to SDCard1)
      Use this RAMdisk.img other than the one in the 2.2 v2.1 ROM when flashing via USB.
    • WinHex with recovery image for bootable SD card.
    • u-boot-nand (587) Camera works
    • u-boot-nand (587) Possibility of camera not working
    • Instructional Guide credit to SmaRkieS original post on xda-developers
    Download Links:

    All credit goes to SmaRkieS for the guide ;)

    It includes instructions on how to update using USB male to male cable and an alternative solution using bootable SD card method. Looks like the USB method with IUW is the preferred method.

    Please give it a go MikerB and let us know how you got on. I'm interested to hear. :)

    Also on the box does it say SuperPad III? Looks like it could be a FlyTouch 2 variant with 512mb ram.

    Just found another guide on the update procedure for FlyTouch 2 here:
  7. mikerb

    mikerb Member

    Thx Smorgan for all your help !

    I have infotmic screen.

    So i ha try with sdcard, cause sebulk.inf don't work under win 7 64. So IUW didn't find my tablet, logic.

    But winhex don't work either under win7 64, so i use windiskimager 32 to make bootable sdcard.

    I have put the file of the original rom in a android folder, and ...

    I do the upgrade !

    BUT ... you know when you start your tablet after little time you have "android text with blinking underscore" ? it stuck here.

    You're right, it's a flytouch 2, but don't work for the moment, need a little "FIX" !

    Thx again for the help, this is the first time i finally do upgrade of this freaking tablet.

    And now...
  8. smorgan19

    smorgan19 Well-Known Member

    You can download version of WinHex (WinHex 16.0SR-5) that does work with Win7 x64 here.

    Also see attachment (secbulk64) this may work with Win7 x64 but you may need to use a hack to turn off driver signing to install it as the driver is unsigned.



    Attached Files:

  9. mikerb

    mikerb Member

    OK, so i have try with your winhex (do sd crad bootable, update via sd), same things, update is made (cool !), but after restart, stuck on "android text with blinking underscore". (not cool !)

    I try now with an older firmware.

    Did you know this : http://www.cn-service.com/p.php?%20a=News%20Helps&b=Software&c=&d=OS%202.1%20Flytouch2%20SuperPAD%20reset%20for%20reinstall%20the%20system

    I try this, and i have a recovery system without options, who says "invalid system files, please check your Zsys.img"...

    hope it's help.

    Other info, i can unplug the internal sdcard, i don't know if the "android os" stay in this sdcard, but if it's the case, i can do something directly on the sdcard ?
  10. smorgan19

    smorgan19 Well-Known Member

    Yes i saw that cn-service link.

    Have you tried replace ramdisk.img on the SD with SmaRkieS one? Also you can grab zSYS.img from "Orig old 3245 Firmware Contains zSYS.img\android" directory (from the collection i put together). Put it on the SD card as well as the other .img files.
  11. mikerb

    mikerb Member

    So, it's a superpad III but flytouch 2 with 512mb ram.

    Now, i have tested this with IUW via usb :

    [ROM] (Flytouch 2, SuperPad, WWE10) 2.2 v2.1 #3925 - xda-developers

    All update works, i have the infotmic screen with in the right bottom of the screen.

    And still block on "android_" text.

    BUT, (i work for an hardware distributor) we (i hope) have soon the "original files of superpad III" by our seller (I REALLY HOPE IT'S THE GOOD ONE)

    Some tests are coming ...
  12. smorgan19

    smorgan19 Well-Known Member

    I'd downgrade the u-boot nand to (root and camera working) and try reflashing.

    Looks like your distributor may have boxed up a bunch of FlyTouch 2's and put them in SuperPad 3 boxes to get rid of. Because SuperPad 3's should be FlyTouch 3's. Also have an easy update procedure (2files on SD card). I'd even consider sending them back and getting a refund or replacement for the real thing. Do they have 512mb RAM? Who was the distributor you went through? I/We use a company in China and have found them really reliable and genuine (Wwe10/FlyTouch3s), have bought quite a number from them.
  13. wresleu

    wresleu Member

    Hello all,
    I could use some assistance. I just received my Super Pad III yesterday (bought from outletpad.com).
    I believe it has arrived dead on arrival, but after reading some posts it may be possible that it is in the dead screen mode? The green light shows up while charging. When I first attempted to turn it on it would vibrate upon pushing the power button it would also flash white on the screen. Nothing would happen beyond that. No android startup screen or anything.
    Ive been "corresponding" with their customer service (funny term for such pathetic svc).
    I've reset the entire machine by pushing in the reset button with the stylus.
    Then press and hold simultaneously the power and back button. When doing this it will vibrate but nothing beyond this. Screen stays blank. Sometimes it will vibrate for a very long time (10+ seconds) but still nothing on the screen.
    I'm at a loss...and could use some help if there is any available for this.
  14. smorgan19

    smorgan19 Well-Known Member

    Hi wresleu,

    Can you post the exact link to the tablet you bought from outletpad.com. Thanks this will help us to identify which model it is in order to help you. Also what color is th back of the tablet? Silver/Black?


  15. wresleu

    wresleu Member

  16. smorgan19

    smorgan19 Well-Known Member

    Have you got a Micro SD Card for it? If so format the sd card as fat32 and follow the instructions from the Quote in this post. It should start an update procedure and then you should be able to boot your tablet.

    Post here: http://androidforums.com/gome-flytouch-tablets/320355-superpad-iiis-2.html#post2657935



    P.S. If you only just got it, it's good to leave it on charge for a while overnight 24hrs to ensure it charges up. Usually if the battery is too low to boot up it will vibrate and not boot when you try to turn it on.
  17. wresleu

    wresleu Member

    Not to sound too much like a moron, but how do I format the micro sd to fat32? I assume I have to do this from my laptop or desktop? Is so, exactly how do I do this? Sorry I am completely new to this.
  18. smorgan19

    smorgan19 Well-Known Member

    No morons here just ppl seeking knowledge. :)

    If the SD card is blank and you have nothing on it. Then it most likely is already formatted as FAT32. If you can put it in your laptop or PC using a micro SD card adapter or usb adapter when it shows up in my computer you can right click on it and choose format. Note: Formatting the card will erase and data you have on it so back it up first. Then download the ROM files from the post i mentioned earlier. Put the files on the SDcard then put it in your SuperPad then turn it on. It should say "Update" then start the process. After it's finished the tablet will vibrate constantly. Just hold the power button down for 10-12 seconds and then release and the tablet will turn off. After that remove the SDcard and then turn it on again and you should then have a working tablet.


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  19. wresleu

    wresleu Member

    I figured out the formatting the sd card. Just unclear on exactly what root directory means when you say to add the files to the root directory of the sd card?

    thanks...sorry to be a pita
  20. smorgan19

    smorgan19 Well-Known Member

    Yep so just open the SD card an paste them straight in there. Don't put them in a folder on the sdcard.
  21. wresleu

    wresleu Member

    I did exactly as stated. Once I inserted the sd card, powered it up (buzzing sound) it did nothing. I walked away in frustration only to hear it buzzing continually but the screen is black still. I held the power button down for 10 seconds, released it, the buzzing stopped (assuming this is off). Pressed the power button again...buzzed. NOTHING.
    I think it must have a bad lcd or something.
  22. smorgan19

    smorgan19 Well-Known Member

    That is quite the possibility. The other option is that the LCD cable that connect s the LCD to the main board could be loose. And without opening it up to check you wouldn't know. And if you did open it up you would void your warranty. So best bet would be you'd have to send it back for a replacement. Youd think that they'd check it's working before sending them out. I know my distributor does.
  23. wresleu

    wresleu Member

    Where can I go to order a good quality 7" or 10" tablet and be confident that I'm not going to be sent a crappy knock off? I'd prefer to find capacitive but more importantly would like to stay under $300 and the most current version of Android would also be good.
    What are my options or models I should be looking for? Is the Flytouch 3 outdated already or is it still up to snuff?
  24. bjellys

    bjellys Member

    Has anyone used the tim 4d firmware yet if so is it better than tim 3a

    GMANROD Member

    I read somewhere on the site that there are still some issues with image flicker or something like that with tim 4b. Don't know much other than that...

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