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  1. abdul2000sg

    abdul2000sg New Member

    I just loaded the tim 4e and its working but the screen display shifted down and the bottom line wrapped up to the top.

    Appreciate help how to solve the display issue


  2. abdul2000sg

    abdul2000sg New Member

    Found the fix, thanks

    Different screen size/Screen offset if you have a 1024x576 screen
    As a general rule Do not flash another bootloader onto your pad unless stated otherwise. It is not needed for regular updates.
    If you have a x600 screen it should work out of the box with my roms
    If you have a x576 screen you will see an "offset" for your screen, simply launch the GScript application, scroll at the bottom and click on the 1024x576 fix. then reboot.
    You have to do that only once
    If ever it goes wrong, well that means that you have most likely flashed another bootloader before.
    Just put the bootloader for your screen and reflash the rom in that case.
  3. dmkett

    dmkett New Member

    I just received my new Superpad III today. System info says it is DISC010 with firmware date 20110530. I am wondering if I should install the Tim4e ROM or wait since I noticed th 4e was based on firmware date of 20110503. I have the 16gb version. Also having problems with Wifi dropping out. Any ideas would be appreciated!
  4. smorgan19

    smorgan19 Well-Known Member

    Tim4e is great. I'd recommend flashing it. :)

    Download link
  5. dmkett

    dmkett New Member

    Thanks Smorgan19.....that's what I was thinking....from everything I've read on the forum, Tim's update would probably be more stable than the manf's....
  6. denwa

    denwa Member

    Tim 4e won't be updated till around August (or so) as Tim has stated he has too much paid work to deal with until that time.
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  7. karlx

    karlx Member

    Yes, do it.I have a 16gb running tim4e. Vast improvement.
  8. camntx

    camntx New Member

    Hello folks, I am an extreme novice here! I received my SuperPad III yesterday (I don't have any kind of smart phone or anything else like this). I was suppose to receive the Flytouch 3, SuperPad 2, and have contacted the seller (in China) ~ not holding my breath. In the meantime, there are a few issues that I need to resolve to make my pad more user friendly:

    1. cannot reset my GPS location ~ weather stays in China (I'm in Texas)
    2. my GPS antena will not screw into connector at top of unit
    3. WIFI only works well if I am sitting right next to my router
    4. how do I find what battery I have

    I'm sure I'll find other things, but these are the most obvious. I have read about flashing the unit with Tim's roms, but I'm not sure exactly how to do that ~ I do not have an external SD card yet.

    Thanks for any assistance.
  9. tbod

    tbod Well-Known Member

    Hello folks, I am an extreme novice here! I received my SuperPad III yesterday (I don't have any kind of smart phone or anything else like this). I was suppose to receive the Flytouch 3, SuperPad 2, and have contacted the seller (in China) ~ not holding my breath. In the meantime, there are a few issues that I need to resolve to make my pad more user friendly:

    This has been addressed exhaustively here and on many other sites, please use the forum search facility...
    It doesn't screw, it's a push fit.

    See my response to point 1.

    There are various apps that purport to give you this information and you could do calculations based on charge current etc. but the only sure way is to open up your tablet and take a peek...

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  10. smorgan19

    smorgan19 Well-Known Member

  11. dart16

    dart16 Well-Known Member

    Just one note of caution....on Tims firmware page it says..

    - 16GB tablet compatibility
  12. smorgan19

    smorgan19 Well-Known Member

    This is because originally TIM's firmware originally wasn't working with 16gb models but he's patched it now to work. This is why it states it's compatible with 16gb models. So it should also work with the 32gb models.

  13. dart16

    dart16 Well-Known Member

    Yes.. I understand that, but the new firmware re-partitions the card and I don't know how it decides to partition the remaining space after making the 'system' partitions.. it might just partition 'the remainder' or Tim might have specified a you know?

    It might be that the poster will just loose half his card.. that was the point of caution I was trying to make, not that it wouldn't work
  14. tbod

    tbod Well-Known Member

    Hi smorgan,

    Sorry, but every time I see your forum name I am reminded of an old rugby song which is simply not suitable for posting here...

  15. smorgan19

    smorgan19 Well-Known Member

    Ah. Pretty sure it's using percentages now but haven't decompressed the latest TIM rom to see. :)
  16. JohnnyO1943

    JohnnyO1943 New Member

    I am new to this forum and I also have a new superpad3 I like the pad and it works ok with most apk. I have had no sucess flashing it via sd or computer.Also battery only lasts for only 20 minutes. I checked battery usage it tells me that 71% is being used by cell standby as this is not a phone I would like to know how to shut this off. Also how do i get in to flash mode which keys??
    Pressing home power back keys only gets me to factory reset power menue does nothing I would sure Like to try one of tim'roms to see if it corrects this my pad is rooted. Any help would be appreciated
  17. Paul2482

    Paul2482 New Member

    any help please, i have the x220+ (flytouch3) how can i get 3g network to work can it be tetherd to my mobile or is there a 3g dongle, the spec say no 3g support?
  18. skauffman21

    skauffman21 New Member

    Appears fine....only had it 24 hours..... Learning thge ims and outs:)
  19. tbod

    tbod Well-Known Member


    The original firmware doesn't support 3G Dongles but it can be upgraded to add the support. I used s0I's firmware which has superb 3G support. Other people use Tim's 4x firmware which includes the same drivers.

    The process is simple and reliable and only takes a few minutes to perform.

    I believe there are a number of 'tether' apps on the Market and if run on an Android phone its internet connection can then be shared [with your tablet / PC / Cray XMP] over WiFi.
  20. rebooto

    rebooto Member

    Anyone face this problem? I've install quite some apps and games. until recently i can't seems to find skype from android market so i went on to clear data and force stop Google Services Framework and rebooted my SP3. Now i don't see any apps under My Apps page. So how i can get it back so that update apps will be at ease.
  21. mrbil

    mrbil Member

    tim is back !!!

    Technical Help for Superpad 2 Flytouch 3 Android 2.2

    sub thread:
    Hybrid ROM (rooted)
  22. rebooto

    rebooto Member

    I've manage to solve the apps missing under My Apps in Market. You just have to search for an apps you have install then reinstall it then all the apps will appear back in My Apps in Market. Hope this help if anyone encounter this problem.
  23. meofnet

    meofnet Member

    I am trying to get this to fix also, will uninstall marketplace and reinstall help to fix?
  24. rebooto

    rebooto Member

    I'm not sure you're having the same issue that i've encounter but yeah uninstall an apps from market place and reinstall back then you will be able to see all others apps that you've install in the first place.

  25. surewhyhi

    surewhyhi New Member

    Superpad 3 is not recommended at this time because it still needs to be developed. I still recommend Flytouch 3 Superpad 2 as of now. Check out for reviews if you like or

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