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[TUT] How to force install apps to SD card without ROOT!!!Tips

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  1. ss2195

    ss2195 Member


  2. ss2195

    ss2195 Member

  3. praky

    praky Well-Known Member

    it is possible. certains apps arenot movable like widgetlocker, launchers etc.
    I would recommend you to use k9 mail app instead.
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  4. dvdhond

    dvdhond New Member

  5. rajanprash

    rajanprash Member

    Praky ... thanks for the tutorial it worked well and all my apps are now on sd card :cool:.

    However , is there anyway we can move the Maps and Samsung Apps to SD card as well , because both these apps together take up a lot of phone memory:mad: and IMHO people rarely use it:confused:.

    Thanks ,
    Prashant Rajan
  6. ss2195

    ss2195 Member

  7. guptarohan11

    guptarohan11 New Member

    hey buddy
    could u tell me if this is also for samsung galaxy ace updated to
    android 2.3 ????
  8. krazyhugo

    krazyhugo New Member

    Guys please help me...

    I have an HTC chacha and I kept on getting the low memory message when trying to install apps (I have only 17.8MB on the internal memory and I am trying to download angry bird which is 25MB).

    I installed SDK and ran the commands on this thread ( cd\
    cd AndroidSDK\program-tools\adb devices\adb shell\pm setInstallLocation 2) without any problems. When I restart my phone and try to download Angry birds again it still says low memory. So I guessed it was still trying to install it in the internal memory since I have more than 12GB of mem in the SD card.

    I then entered the following commands:
    cd AndroidSDK\program-tools\adb devices\adb shell pm setInstallLocation 2

    But it still didnt solved the problem. Can You please help me on that? You can even pm me if necessary. Please it's been over a week Im trying to sort this out... :(

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am Gingerbread BTW..~

  9. praky

    praky Well-Known Member

    yes it is applicable. but if you are on android 2.3 why don't you root?
  10. praky

    praky Well-Known Member

    I have just chosen to hide these apps. It is not possible to do so without rooting or a custom rom.
  11. praky

    praky Well-Known Member

    first of all, posting same thing in different threads isnot going to take you anywhere.
    Do this- install app 2 sd free app. And then move all movable apps to sd.
    If angry birds has a install size of 28 mb then all of it won't go to sd crad because of dalvik cache.
    Secondly, if you had read the whole thread you would've gotten the answer yourself.
  12. smsgAce

    smsgAce Active Member

    it worked for me just fine. Thank you
  13. pekinesis

    pekinesis Member

    Mine 2.3.4 and it's working !!
    Thank you.
  14. Gammer

    Gammer Well-Known Member

    Worked a treat!! Cheers
  15. sid's_ace

    sid's_ace Member

    hey its showing the following message...
    plzz have a look at it and tell me what to do... thank u in advance...
  16. therocque

    therocque Member

    dude, before installing adk, u do need to download JavaSE's JDK.

    and where to find it? u can always use google to find it.

    install javase's jdk, then install adk.

    it will work, coz i faced the same problem too before.

    hope that helps...
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  17. sid's_ace

    sid's_ace Member

    thnx i will check it soon....
  18. hucastkaze

    hucastkaze New Member

    ahh guyz help plz? i cant even start the command keeps sayin invalid directory no matter how i write it!!
  19. hucastkaze

    hucastkaze New Member

    oh and the path i tried using was this
    cd C:\android-sdk\platform tools
    any help would be very appreciated
  20. bishnuprasad14

    bishnuprasad14 Well-Known Member

    First of all thanks a ton for sharing this rare and valuable functionality.
    I have a question here...for some of the apps if u install them it shows in SD card but parallely it takes phone memory too.
    If u askhow I checked that, when u uninstal them from the SD card, it saves some of the phone memory too.

    So is this process going to clear this issue too?
  21. bishnuprasad14

    bishnuprasad14 Well-Known Member

    a big big big thanks....its working like heaven....without rooting the device this made so easy to move the apps....you really eliminated one big flaw in galaxy ace.
  22. murtuz4u

    murtuz4u New Member

    i completed all steps successfully..
    but stuck at command prompt..
    the 1st step when i write...it says "the system cannot find the path specified"
    pls help..
  23. praky

    praky Well-Known Member

    are you sure you are navigating to the correct path in command prompt?

    to be sure manually navigate to that path in windows explorer and check if the file is there?
  24. praky

    praky Well-Known Member

    no. each app installs some info to the phone mem. this method can't do that. however there are ways to do that using a darktremor's a2sd (root reqd) or using a custom rom that uses darktremor's a2sd. I will update the thread about this since a lot of users end up asking this.
  25. Gammer

    Gammer Well-Known Member

    You need to write the exact path,mine was totally different to that as I installed it in a different place,for me it was C:/Program Files/Android/android-sdk/platformtools
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