[TUT] How to force install apps to SD card without ROOT!!!Tips

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  1. mvmsk

    mvmsk Well-Known Member

    can anyone..please tell me...by doing so....will my warranty void????

  2. spikyshotgun

    spikyshotgun Member

    Hey thanks for the post. Just needed to install Android Sdk platform-tools, revision 6 and USB driver package, revision 4 and it worked so nicely.
  3. anitf2

    anitf2 New Member

    would this method work on 2.3.4?
  4. I am prety much a noob... I dont own a android... But am planning to get one in the next few weeks...
    With 2.2 isnt there apps2sd option preinstalled??
  5. WMitty

    WMitty Member

    Hi Praky

    Unfortunately I can't get this to work for me. I have read and re-read the TUT and I don't think my issue has been brought up yet

    After clicking on http://developer.android.com/sdk/. I am offered two Windows packages. But when I try to extract them I am told that i need Java JDK installed.

    So I trot along to Oracle and begin a lengthy download only to be told that Windows won't accept the certificate.

    So I move along to CNET and download JDK 6 but this doesent have an addition package called xxx.revision 5 at the top of the list.

    So back to Kies and update drivers and to your samfirmware link also but all to no avail.

    I would dearly like to be able to transfer more apps to my sdcard as my phone memory is filling up dramatically.

    So I've been going around 'n around in circles with this and any help or directions you could make to straighten me out would be most welcome.

    Hopefully it is something simple and if it is please bear in mind that we all have to start somewhere

    Rgds & thanks
  6. chinnuchwdry

    chinnuchwdry New Member

    hai guys,
    i am using my lappy with windows 7 OS and i downloaded SDK from the link specified and when i extract the file and if i try 2 open the sdk manager when i click the "sdkmanager.exe" a command prompt jus shows up and disappers automatically in few seconds...
    I tried alll d ways tht i can but no use i evn uninstalled kies and tried again but no use nothing happens when i click sdkmanager.exe jus a command prompt appears and it also disappeares in few seconds plzzz help me out i am being restricted frm apps bcuz of d low internal memory...:(
  7. praky

    praky Well-Known Member

    You don't have to do anything with command prompt. Another window should also open which contains stuff about packages.
  8. praky

    praky Well-Known Member

    I think that certificate thing might be temporary. Try again to install JDK from oracle and report.
  9. pratik.kayasth

    pratik.kayasth New Member

    great tutorial, exactly what i needed, but i ran into a problem
    i followed the tutorial exactly, i installed all the drivers and all, but when i connected the phone to my laptop, nothing happened, noting popped up, i have samsung keis installed, so i moved to next step, with the command prompt, that too worked fine, i restarted the phone and when i installed some apps in my phone, they all got installed in phone memory and the option "move to sd card" is also disabled, why ? what went wrong ? can anyone please help me
    thanks in advance :)
  10. topuji

    topuji Member

    Seems to be a great TUT. One qn, does it work on Gingerbread too ?
  11. J0RDIE

    J0RDIE Member

    Hi, great tutorial by the way, i followed it and got the $ signs at the end to confirm.

    I do however have a problem in that it doesn't seem to have moved all the apps. I am left with 4 apps (out of 70) that are not movable according to app2sd pro. Any ideas guys??? Do I need some other app mover?

    I have tried to uninstall then re install the apps but no joy.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  12. xPassion

    xPassion Member

    When I type adb shell, it shows sh: applet not found. How am I gonna solve this? :confused:
  13. khushal.2022

    khushal.2022 Member

    I am also facing this issue. Is it due to Firewall restrictions? Pls help.

    PS Kindly note that we are not tech ppl and thus request for a solution in simple language. Sorry for trouble and thanks for help.
  14. stripywitch

    stripywitch Member

    I installed app2sd prior to finding this thread and I noticed there were no apps "on phone" and that they were all "phone only" or "on sd", if I do this will I be able to move the "phone only" apps? Will it void my warranty?
  15. KevinKi

    KevinKi New Member

    First of all. Thank you for a great tutorial!
    I just have one question. What should I do If I ever want to change back to the original stance?
  16. borongan

    borongan New Member

    Praky, thank you very much.

    I hope it does work on Android 2.3 gingerbread too, yes I have read it says Android 2.2 froyo.
  17. borongan

    borongan New Member

    I have same problem installing the .exe file, download instead the .zip file.
  18. khushal.2022

    khushal.2022 Member

  19. rampapz

    rampapz New Member

    Its an amazing resolution.... Works perfectly fine.. Now my android installs all applications on SD... :)
    The best part is it never increases RAM... has a steady & stable control over RAM.... Thanks a lot...! :)
  20. daogehface

    daogehface New Member

    hi..i already follow the step to run the SDK manager but couldnt see the USB driver option in available packages that u mention in the tutorial parts..it only have android repository and third-party add-on.. so what should i do now?thx
  21. daogehface

    daogehface New Member

    hey..my condition is same as u..may i know how u did it after this?thx
  22. adysmart3711

    adysmart3711 New Member

    I have followed the tutorial exactly as you have said. After restarting i got the access to move my applications to sd card but now i am unable to download applications from the market. The download either does'nt get started or at the end of download it just says 'couldnt install on usb or sd card' please help me out. Thanks in anticipation.
  23. jujubelatte

    jujubelatte Member

    is this safe? I mean I'm afraid to things like this to my phone cause I'm not a very techy guy. I love my phone but due to limited memory, I only have a few apps on it. I'm afraid of rooting my phone then I read this tutorial. is this 100% safe?
  24. rampapz

    rampapz New Member

  25. khushal.2022

    khushal.2022 Member

    Experts.....Pls help

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