BBC iPlayer in the USA

Anyone know how to get the BBC iPlayer to work in the USA


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The customer support and pricing is unbeatable.

If there is a 'pricing' it is not free.
So a free alternative can effortlessly 'beat' it.
Sounds like you're selling.

Anyway, since about 3 months all the BBC iPlayer's programs I've seen are High Definition. And consequently the files are about 5 times the size they were before. 59 minutes is about 1,2GB now.
Gorgeous for viewing on screens upward of 15". Havoc with your downloads! It eats storage space! You'll soon need another HD, or regularly prune your video collection.

But for a phone those are unmanageable file sizes. Even disregarding the aeons of download time and associated dataplan expenses for a minute.

Of course the BBC's stalwart program quality, subject choice, and
Hi, guys. I want to know which connection do you watch bbc players. I was trying to get it with slow internet, do you have any ideas where I can get it in good cheap rates.