Help being completely honest...please help!


Hi All,

I'm new to these forums so don't know if I am even posting in the correct place etc. Here is the situation to which I need a resolution to, if any!

I was bought a mobile phone for xmas, which was only a week old at the time of him getting it...The Purple Galaxy Ace, which was locked to 02. My partner thinking he was being helpful decided to get the phone unlocked.

BEFORE the unlocking he was able to do EVERYTHING on the phone including sending a text, calls etc, using the 02 sim he got with it.

AFTER the unlocking the phone obvisously was open to any network which was great, so there I go xmas morning, put my sim card in the phone and hey presto it works.....still with me? Right so I then proceed to send a text....fails! I try again, fails! and again, fails! So I try my partners orange sim, failed! This leads me to believe that it must be a problem with the phone and that somehow it still has some remenants of o2 on it somewhere, I then decided to have it debranded as I hated the o2 bumf that was on it...and the guy said it would solve both of my problems if he reflashed it given that the reflash would wipe everything and set it back to as if it were out of the box (it was a bloke in a shopping centre, not samsung repairer or anything) After 4 hours, and several reflash attempts later it is debranded but still not able to send texts...:thinking:

I ended up not paying for the work he did and he gave me the phone back, it is now debranded, works ok except the problem of not being able to send texts, I have sent the t-0mobile settings to my phone and still doesnt work, also tried orange, and vodafone sims and still cant get it to work!!!

Now I am wondering the following:

Have I voided the warranty with samsung as I am guessing it was a ''back door'' way of reflashing as he was just downloading files each time from the net to try?? Is this right? As I would just send it to them and ask them to look into the problem.

If I was now to take it to a samsung authorised repair centre would they reflash it for me no questions asked, or would they check the software etc before even doing anything to see if it has been tampered with, and if they can't do it under warranty, would they charge a lot of money to do it??

If anyone else has had this problem, how was it solved???

PLEASE HELP~!!! I know nothing about software, rooting, hardware, programming etc, I just know that reflashing completely resets the phone.