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Bionic or Thunderbolt

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sierrapup, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. sierrapup

    sierrapup Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So my husband and I both just upgraded our phones. I got Bionic, he got Thunderbolt. I think I actually like his phone better. Am I totally crazy?!?!?!?

  2. sean76

    sean76 Android Expert

    No, you are not crazy! Alot of women like HTC Sense better as an over lay! However, you can make your phone very similar to his by loading Launcher pro from the Market and messing around with the setting to work just like sense, and then download Beautiful widgets as well, which is a custom Clock and weather app that is awesome.

    The Bionic is better all around IMO! But the choice is yours at the end of the day.
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  3. sierrapup

    sierrapup Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I downloaded those two apps and the Launcher Pro was EXACTLY what I needed - the original way things were really bugged me. This is soooooo much better!!!!
  4. sean76

    sean76 Android Expert

    There is so much you can do in Launcher pro...you can make it very similar to Stock android...you can add docks to the bottom icons, you can make them colorful by putting your shortcuts in there place. Alot of customizing can be done! Same with Beautiful widgets, so many clock and weather apps you can download.

    Your husband will deff second glance at your phone and wish he had that super fast dual core on his phone...lol

  5. jr0065

    jr0065 Well-Known Member

    Yes you are (crazy) .. LoL just kidding. :p

    But seriously the Bionic was more a flagship phone I believe, while the Thunderbolt, not so much. Specs wise more of a "beast."
  6. RDKamikaze

    RDKamikaze Android Enthusiast

    I was in the boat across the way from you! I've got the TBolt and a Bionic is on its way :) Each phone is much better than a basic Droid and all these other posters are right, Launcher Pro is the BEST launcher out there! :)
  7. d6racer

    d6racer Newbie

    I don't know if you are crazy or not but today I was doing an install at this guys house (I do DirecTv) and he was so proud of his Thunderbolt. He kept pulling it out and flashing it towards me. He even started talking about it.

    I didn't say anything the whole time. I then pulled my phone out to activate the receivers. He asked me what phone it was and I told him.

    He couldn't wipe the drool off his face fast enough. :D
  8. paigow

    paigow Well-Known Member

    i had my Tbolt since launch and my wife upgraded her D1 to the bionic. so after a weeks use she wants to returns it. the Tbolt is just as good if not better in some areas but of course it loses to the dual core.
    today her apps started missing with random reboots.
    long story short the Bionic was a total let down and now she wants the Tbolt 2.
  9. WizeGuyDezignz

    WizeGuyDezignz Android Expert

    I always see a lot of talk about Launcher Pro, and I've tried it myself. But for some reason I still like Go Launcher EX better. Am I crazy or alone?!
  10. sean76

    sean76 Android Expert

    Lol...no way the TB beats the Bionic! Not even close...

    Battery is horrible
    Build quality is terrible
    Call quality is not that great
    Weighs as much as 2 phones
    Sense is long in the tooth IMO.

    Only plus I see is the quickness of the Camera app, other then that, no contest.
  11. paigow

    paigow Well-Known Member

    with 32% left does this look like the thunderbolt battery is horrible? yes it is bad from the factory, but if you root the phone and clean it up the stock battery is just as good as any phone. My bionic doesnt last much longer then the thunderbolt did out of the box so don't brag about that battery being any better.
    the thunderbolt also takes better video/pics with low light then the bionic.
    The bionic is a great phone and for the wait time and price i expected more but it failed in ways of the camera and glitched. the thunderbolt out of the box did not fail in any way.
    obviously the bionic if it didnt have the glitches would be a better phone but given its 6 months after the thunderbolt with a higher price tag you expect it to be better in every way but it isnt.

    thing is why would i bash the bionic if it didnt have problems? i wanted this phone i hoped it would replace my thunderbolt but sadly i don't think it was worth the wait or price tag. if it performed as well as the thunderbolt did on release i would be giving it all thumbs up but since my 6 month old thunderbolt can still beat the bionic in a few categories then i must say the bionic isn't all that.
    also if you don't have both phones in your hand to compare side by side you really can't give it a fair review just by reading spec sheets.
    for example you think the higher resolution bionic display would look better but honestly i think the thunderbolt display is better and im not the only one.

  12. sean76

    sean76 Android Expert

    I've owned the TB, the Charge, and now the Bionic! Im sorry, the TB battery was horrible on mine, my lady's, and every one I know! The fact is this, yes the camera out if the box is better on the TB, however when you zoom in pics, they're blurry. When you zoom in on a pic taken by the Bionic, its crystal clear. The problem is not the Bionic camera, its a glitch in the auto focus. Which will most likely be fixed with an update.

    Hey man, diff strokes for diff folks! That's cool if you like the TB, I've outgrown it and moved on, and feel the Bionic beats it out...When the Prime arrives, it'll beat my Bionic out, and when that next great phone comes out after the Prime, it'll beat the Prime...so on and so fourth. Its a vicious cycle man...
  13. New Rising

    New Rising Android Enthusiast

    I agree, I was never too fond of launcher pro. I used adw launcher for a while, but now I use go launcher. It's my favorite one by far.
  14. bigben

    bigben Newbie

    I've had every one of the new Android based phones. I always stayed with the TBolt with heavy customization. Battery improved a lot.

    I got the Bionic because I could.

    Been running both side by side and I got to say that the Bionic is every bit as good as the Bolt. When you consider that the Bionic is virtually without custom ROMs that says a great deal.

    Again, the performance of the Bionic right out of the box feels every bit as good as the Bolt with heavy customization.

    After a week you can now root and boot into recovery. Amazing.

    I believe the movement of the devs to support this devise is really picking up speed. I think this is the new TBolt. In a few months, there will be a Bionic successor but for now it looks like it is the new TBolt.

    I am keeping mine.
  15. dguy

    dguy Android Expert

    I have a Bionic and a Thunderbolt that I have had since day 1 launch. One of them is sitting in a box gathering dust and it's not the Bionic.
  16. cdf3

    cdf3 Well-Known Member

    Comparing my Bionic to friend's Thunderbolt:

    Battery life: Bionic
    Screen being viewed outside in sunlight: Bionic
    Overall Copy & Paste feature: ThunderBolt
    Speed in Manage Applications: Bionic
    Camera clarity: Thunderbolt
    Extended battery size: Bionic
  17. kingnut

    kingnut Well-Known Member

    i think most will say bionic > tbolt. tbolt was a nice phone when i played with it. but i dont care for HTC engineering.
  18. BenDroid

    BenDroid Well-Known Member

    I for one absolutely hate Sense UI, but my wife loves it. I guess it all comes down to taste.
  19. jreed2560

    jreed2560 Android Expert

    I have tried every 4g phone on verizon. The charge is slow, the revolution is quick, but the camera app and keyboard suck and mine wouldn't update the location on the weather app, the Bionic was ok, but the screen is HORRIBLE and the camera is pretty much useless. Also when I was setting the phone up and downloading beautiful widgets, the phone got really warm, then froze, then got supper HOT. So hot I pulled the battery for fear of causing damage. I know alot of people dump on the Tbolt for battery, but I live in constant 4g coverage and keep GPS on, moderate/heavy use, and still get over 12 hours from my battery. I was rooted, but I've since gone back to stock. People also bash sense, but there is no other mfg UI that works as well and offers as many features as Sense. Its smooth, itegrates facebook, photos, contacts, messages, and comes with really nice widgets for FREE. IMO there isn't a better phone on Verizon. YMMV, but for my money, its the TBOLT.
  20. BenDroid

    BenDroid Well-Known Member

    TBOLT is a great device if you like Sense UI. Like I said before, I am not a huge fan of it. I generally have not had good luck with any HTC device in terms of battery life. My wife had an Eris (poor battery life). I have friends with the Incredible (poor battery life). And compared to my friends who have a TBOLT at work, my Bionic outlasts them by a ton and we use our phones for pretty much the same things throughout the day. (Medium Usage - texts, minimal voice, browsing, youtube, email). If you are basing your dislike purely over the camera, give it time. The TBOLT had some major issues in the beginning as well that are just now being ironed out.

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